DIY Wrapping Workshop at West Elm Reno

November 27, 2016

This week I stepped back from my computer, and went to work with Greg a few times. Then, Thanksgiving snuck up on me, and boom, the week was over. For most bloggers capitalizing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is a very important part of the year. Bloggers can make small amounts of money from purchases you make if you click on the links they provide. This is important because it helps pay for supplies, web hosting, ingredients for recipes, etc… I should probably include more affiliate links in my posts, but I have a very hard time with promoting materialism during the holiday season. 

I do have a wonderful gift guide planned this month, but it will only include small businesses and makers in hopes of supporting others who enjoy making beautiful things. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite creative friends with you!

I hope I am not coming off as judgmental, because lord knows, I do love to shop, but more and more I feel as if things really don’t matter, and have a harder time promoting them. Albeit I do love a beautiful linen tablecloth and am dreaming of a garden Orangerie. ;) 

This afternoon I wanted to share a few photos from my West Elm pop-up workshop! I meant to share them last week, but I didn’t have a chance to edit photos. I had such a wonderful time, and it made my heart swell up when friends old and new came out to support me – Audrey of Fête Designs, Sommer of Pretty Little Paper Co., Danielle of Elise Events, Amanda McClernon, Katie from Home Gate Realty, Callie of Chaos & Kiwi, and many, many more. 

I brought out stamps, ribbon, greenery, and sharpies, and let everyone get creative with their own unique ideas. I was blown away by the creativity – from sketches, traced patterns, stamp collages, and organic styling, everyone added their own flair to their wrapping paper. 

By the end of the evening my heart was full; I was so nervous before the event started, but seeing so many creatives in Reno come out to spend their evening with me was truly humbling. (I’m not trying to sound sappy here, but I was overjoyed.)

The girls at West Elm Reno were incredibly welcoming and opened their ‘home’ up to me, a huge thank you to them! If you are based in Reno, or find yourself visiting, you must stop by the new West Elm and check out the basement while you are there!  


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