The Easiest Four Ingredient Caramel Sauce Recipe

August 2, 2016

What could be better than caramel? The easiest caramel sauce recipe made with red wine.

You can thank me later. 

Since Kelly and I started A Savvy Lifestyle, I have gotten to know some amazing small business owners in the Sonoma area. One of those being Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People, and more recently, Susan Williams of Cake Bloom

Sarah reached out to Kelly and me about styling a shoot for Susan’s business, Cake Bloom. I jumped at the opportunity, of course! I pulled some of my favorite props from my collection, including antique wooden spoons, natural linens, and my favorite copper measuring cups (among other things). 

We headed to Pangloss Cellars, which is located right on the square in Sonoma. It’s a new tasting room, and is ultra chic. It reminds me a bit of a speakeasy. 

As I steamed my favorite linens, and tossed cherries about, I also got to taste test Susan’s cakes. They were worth every gram of sugar and calorie. Susan uses natural dyes and flavoring in her cakes, and focuses on organic and sustainably harvested flours, sugars, and ingredients. They are incredibly delicious – and since they are organic and natural, I am fairly certain the calories only count a little tiny bit. 

Mid-shoot, Susan pulled out a jar of what mere mortals know to be ‘caramel sauce’. As she began to drizzle the irresistibly sexy sauce over the cake, I realized that this was her party trick. Not just any cake lady, she’s a caramel drizzling goddess. 

Then. Then, I tasted the caramel sauce, and it was game over.

Her secret ingredient? Pangloss Pinot Noir. It’s a real shame to think that Pangloss wine went into anything but a wine glass, that is, until you taste this caramel sauce. It’s enough to make you cry. It’s truly that good. 

It makes my crockpot caramel sauce look like Britney Spears on the day she shaved her head. 

As I stuck my fingers directly into the sauce and licked them like a dog, I thought, “I bet this caramel sauce takes at least 3 days and 600 degrees of focus to make.” 

Well, my friends, I was wrong. 

This caramel sauce recipe takes approximately 30 minutes (less than my crockpot concoction), and doesn’t take any more focus than hard boiling an egg. 

A little sugar, a little wine, some butter & cream – and you best be prepared to become a caramel snob.


Click over to A Savvy Lifestyle to see more behind the scenes styling tips! Photos provided by Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People (my homegirl), with recipe/cake perfection from the caramel goddess herself: Susan Williams of Cake Bloom

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