Easter Thoughts & Goodie Bag Download

March 21, 2015

I have always loved Easter, because even more so than Christmas, Easter represents Christianity to me.  I believe in the sacrifice that God made for us when he sent his son to the cross, and that Easter should always be recognized as such.  It also represents a time to remember how blessed I am, and always makes me want to recognize God even in the smallest of ways (ex: remembering to do something super important at the last minute, I know is a small blessing, but a blessing nonetheless).

I recently read a book that my good friend/neighbor suggested I read called, “Grace and Forgiveness“, it only took me about and hour and a half to read, but I can’t tell you how much it changed my life.  Really, it changed my life!  This book puts the act of forgiveness in perspective and completely changed the way I react to everyday ‘things’ that life throws at me.  It showed me that in order to truly understand the grace of God, I must fully forgive (in all aspects of life).

After reading the book, and wiping a bit of tears away (who knew forgiving oneself would be the hardest person to forgive), I quickly jumped onto Instagram and Facebook.  Within a few seconds I felt so incredibly silly being on social media. I felt silly that I was enjoying a glass of wine.  I felt silly that I dreading unloading the dishwasher, and I felt silly that I was still lusting over these shoes.  I thought to myself: I should be going to bed right now, thankful that I have a place to rest my head, a dishwasher to wash my dishes for me, a family to love, and a closet full of shoes.

I have so much to be thankful for, yet rarely stop to appreciate it.  It’s so easy for me to want more and more and more, but so hard to love what I already have.  The book has helped me realize the importance of what I have emotionally and within my relationships, and the unimportance of material things (even though I still love a good handbag – hey, it’s a work in progress).

Once finishing the book, I was been able to start the long process of healing wounds and forgiving, and it’s been absolutely wonderful!   So from here on out, and especially during this Easter holiday, I have vowed to myself that I will appreciate the sacrifice and fully accept the grace of God in order to live happily with a heart full of gratitude.

Okay okay, now that I am done being sappy….

As much as I love Easter for its true meaning, the candy is always a bonus (especially for those of you who gave it up for Lent!!).  Here is a free download for this little goodie bag that anyone is sure to love getting in their Easter basket!  The floral wreath is from the super talented Create the Cut, and the paper bags are from Michaels.  Enjoy!

PS: You’ll notice the file is saved upside down; that’s because the bags have to be put in upside down on the printer.  If you are going to use this graphic for something else, fell free to flip or adjust the .jpg as needed!

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