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Hi friends! How are you this week? I know some of you are designing spaces as well – leave me a link in the comments so I can visit you to see your progress! Today marks week 3 of the One Room Challenge and everything I have ordered from various vendors and shops is beginning to arrive. I have loved seeing all of the pieces together as what I’ve envisioned comes to life. If you’re new to the ORC, it is a 6 week series sharing the transformation of a single room, start with Week 1 >> here

We are currently waiting on curtains which are being provided by TonicLiving. Since these are being custom made, they won’t be installed until the last minute. I will share more about them next week when I can post photos of the fabric options. Just waiting on those to arrive. Since the view out of the west window is one of the main focal points of the room, the custom curtains are going to be a game changer. 

I am also still waiting on the rug to arrive, I can’t wait to see it alongside the paint – to see the blue and pink tones play off of each other. Lastly, I’ve got a few beautiful prints on order, but they are being framed by SimplyFramed, and like the curtains, won’t be here until the last minute. 

But enough about what isn’t here, let’s talk about what is here, because there’s an elephant in the room that I think I should address. 

The light fixtures…

> here!  #diningroom #farmhousediningroom #modernfarmhouse #diningroomremodel #boxwoodavenue #oneroomchallenge” width=”750″ height=”1125″>

Okay, they are incredible. They are from LampsPlus, and really, they are beyond beautiful, and exactly what I envisioned except for one tiny little detail: their size.

They. Are. Huge.

Initially I had envisioned three fixtures hanging above the table. After opening the boxes up, this will clearly not be possible as they would completely take over the entire room like little lantern monsters. In fact, I’m considering swapping them out for something else, but I’d love your opinion…

It is possible to keep two of them and hang them on either end of the table. They will definitely be a statement; however, I think the room is large enough to accommodate them. Keep in mind, the room is 22 feet long, and the dining table is nearly 14 feet long. I have opted out of placing any additional furniture in this room aside from the table, chairs, and open shelf along the north wall. These lights would really be the only dramatic piece in the room (well, except for the pink paint and 22 foot long open shelf… :O). 

Since they are open and airy, I don’t think these lights would be “too much”, in fact I think they could read “cool statement piece”; however, it is also possible for me to return them and select something else. I’d be pushing it for time, but I think I could make it work.

Light fixtures, for some reason, are the biggest challenge for me whenever I am designing a room. It’s sort of like the menu at Cheesecake Factory – there’s just too many options. Selecting these fixtures took me days, and I feel like I’ve exhausted my search efforts. These are the perfect design for what I want the space to look like, just a little bigger than expected, 20 1/4″ looks a lot bigger in person than it did when I measured.

Maybe they are perfect, and I’m just surprised by their size, thus thinking they aren’t perfect? I’m not sure, I’m going to give myself a few days with them, sitting on the table, before I make my decision, but I am leaning towards: cool statement piece rather than box up and return

Now, if I do decide to go with these two fixtures rather than the three I initially pictured, I am going to have to have our contractor come out to patch the existing wiring placement (which he installed for me only a few months ago), because it is in the center of the room. We will need to then add two new wiring outlets for the lights to hang on either end of the table. This isn’t all that big of a deal, but something to keep in mind. 

And now we wait…

I am feeling a little bit of pressure to get everything wrapped up in time after glancing at my calendar this morning. Finding man power out here isn’t always easy, so I’m on a waiting list for paint work, light install (giving me time to decide), trim paint and installation, and open shelf installation. Really, this work won’t take very long, but I’m hoping that I’m not waiting until the last week to tie these up, because that just might give me reason to panic.

I also wanted to share a few photos of a couple of the decor pieces I’ve sourced so far (you can click on the photos to enlarge them). I found this incredible basket at a shop in Reno called Rock Farm, I picked up a few topiary plants while I was there too. As much as I love terra-cotta, I will swap out their containers for something with more gray tones.

The linen pillows and napkins from Pom Pom at Home arrived this week as well, and what a difference swapping out the pillows on the chairs made! The chairs came with a tiny little lumbar pillow, and the simple swap adds so much to them. I initially thought I’d stick with all navy tones for the accessories, but I decided to throw in different shades of blues and grays, and I am so happy with them. I am such a sucker for high end linen, and these are incredible! 

PS: I just got a shipping notification for the rug, can’t wait to share photos next week! 

dining room game plan

custom curtains – TonicLiving

an extra long dining table for the whole crew – existing

pink paint – Farrow and Ball (next week!)

open shelving with lots of glassware, beautiful accessories, and artwork – on the hunt for wood!

oversized vintage rug – Hayneedle

crown molding – Metrie

a series of light fixtures – LampsPlus

custom artwork – Jenny’s Print Shop & Simply Framed 

linen textiles – Pom Pom at Home

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    • I am with ya on that one! At the end of the day, if they go up and look too large, I can always find something else, but I would kick myself if I didn’t try them!

    • I totally get where you’re coming from! I am going to give them a shot. If down the road they keep bugging me I can always find new ones :) part of the fun of always wanted to re-decorate! ;)

  1. I LOVE them! They are gorgeous and…bold! I say go with them. They will make such a beautiful statement in the dining room.

  2. I think you should keep the two lights, they are amazing!! They are going to look so great with that table. I can’t wait to see next week!! Susann from Pearl Street Designs

  3. I love the light fixtures!! Yes, they are large, but you have the space for them. With the rest of the room kept more on the minimal side, they will make the perfect statement piece. This is coming along nicely – I am enjoying following along!

  4. Absolutely love the light fixtures and the statement they would make! Very much wanting to do two fixtures over my dining table as well so fully casting my vote for two vs. one

  5. All the elements you’ve chosen for the room look amazing. I love those light fixtures. They go so beautifully with everything else. What you may want to consider before making your final decision is how they look overhead when sitting at the table. Cheers, Ardith

  6. Fabulous lights! I’d say, Go with what your gut tells you. My mother has always told me, if you don’t absolutely love something when decorating, don’t buy it because ultimately you’ll end up choosing something else in the future that you do love. So ask yourself, do you love them or are you settling because you are running out of time? If you keep these, I’d say go with two. They will also look different when they are hanging! Good luck with your decision, we all can’t wait to see what you decide! Angelina @ Pronies and Orange Blossoms

  7. Absolutely keep those lights! They are so beautiful, and I think statement lights above the dining table are just the best. Even though they’re just sitting on the table, they already look so good ;) I think if that’s what you’re leaning toward, there’s your answer right there, and like someone else said in the comments, you’d probably regret returning them! I just love how this is turning out, I can’t wait to see it finished :)

  8. Dear Chloe, I think that the lanterns are beautiful and you should keep them. Two would be fine, but are you entirely sure that three won’t work? The table is 14′, the lamps are <2′ each…that leaves 8′ of "space" between 3 lanterns. I think you just got scared maybe?? Once they are hung and the table is mostly cleared of "stuff," I think they could be large and in charge of a gorgeously moody space. Large, but not visually heavy. Anyway, I love all your choices and I know you will make a beautiful choice. Thank you for sharing your talent. ❤️

    • I love your quote "large but not visibly heavy" I think those were the words I was looking for but just couldn’t pull forward. I tried setting the third one on the table, but really it crowded the space a bit too much. Thank you so very much!

  9. I think they will be stunning! I cannot wait to see it. I want to do the ORC. Can you DM me and help me get started?

    • Hi!!! Yes I can tell you all of the details, but I do not have your email address?? If you see this, feel free to email me (chloe@boxwoodavenue<dot>com).

  10. I’m going to have to agree with the other ladies commenting. I think you need to go with the 2 fixtures as a statement piece. Otherwise, I think you’ll regret it and feel like you missed out on them, as you sound like you are absolutely in love with them. With all the soft touches and almost minimalist feel I think the room would look great with them as a statement.

    • Liz – you are a lady of pure wisdom. I would totally regret it if I didn’t just go for it right??? Even though these aren’t totally risky, they make me feel like I’m living life on the edge ;).

    • When I was unpacking them, I was thinking, wait THERE’S MORE!? And it just kept coming and coming out of the box. I think you’re right, just need to get used to them. Looking at the photos even after a day of them being there, I am already liking them more!

  11. I also spend days…months on one job…finding the right light fixtures. as for my general rule it is go big or go home. so I think two of your open work fixtures would be dramatic and wonderful.

    • Go big or go home! Yes! ;) Hoping these are just the ticket once I get them installed. Now to patch that hole in the middle…

  12. I agree with other commenters – it looks like 2 might not be too overwhelming, especially with a 14′ table and the dimensions of the room. I think it’s always shocking to at first see a new big thing in a room, and it takes awhile to get adjusted to it. I think you’re right that at this size, 3 lanterns would be a lot and look like a lot of black lines in the air, but 2 lanterns near the ends of the tables could give enough breathing room and look fantastic.

    • I think you’ve said it best Deb – whenever there’s something new, or changed in a room, it always takes a few days to get used to right? I am so minimal, that having these big ol’ lights seem daunting, but I think after a few nights with them, I will love them more and more. I really love the quality and design – so it’s just the size that I’ve got to adjust to. The thought of three of these in the room is really hilarious. My husband goes, "what were you thinking!?" when I told him I initially thought three would be nice! LOL!

  13. I think lighting is difficult too and for me a big investment so when I get a light fixture I need to be sure. #nopressure right? I love your fixtures. I think they are open and airy and with a loooong table like that and the open uncluttered look of your room I think they will be stunning especially on dimmers! I can completely sympathize – I have an ugly ceiling fan w/ light in my entryway ORC that has to stay – deep South here! It’s still in the 80’s in October : 0 I’m trying to figure out a way to put lipstick ( distract the eye with a design touch) on a pig (un-fabulous ceiling fan to begin with!)

    • You could always hang faux florals on the fan to disguise??? Totally kidding!!!!!!! Some visual elements on the wall to draw the eye away? Also thanks for your advice – I agree; since the table is loooooooooong and the room is pretty simple and minimal, these will hopefully be a nice statement :P.

  14. I think the two, will work and should be fine, especially since the style is so open and airy. My other thought would be, a very similar styled lantern light fixture but long and narrow. The concern with that is you don’t want it to look like those hideous lights people slap up over bars and pool tables. Shudder. So I think it would be safer to do the two individual lantern lights. :)

    • A long and narrow would have been more convenient that’s for sure – since I have the wiring already in the center of the room. I searched for one I loved, and didn’t find anything that really seemed to work. Although I am sure there is one out there! LOL!!! Your comment about pool table lights, has me cracking up…definite shudder.

  15. I think going for two as a statement is so the way to go. You have very lovely, soft elements throughout the room, and like you said, the lanterns would be a great statement. Love all that you’ve done so far!!

    • Thanks Kate – I think you’re right. Everything else is pretty soft and Frenchy, these add a bit of interest to the room and make it a bit more masculine. Thanks for taking the time to say hello!

  16. I used 2 similar 20" lanterns over my kitchen island (9′ x 5′) and they were installed before the island (my kitchen has a super high vaulted ceiling) or the main cabinet elevation was installed (its 10.5′ high). My mom freaked out and thought i should return them, but after all the other elements were in, they looked fantastic. Maybe you can hang them a few inches higher than normal if you feel like they are sitting too close to the table? Your room is going to be gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the rest of your progress. Thanks for sharing!!

    • My husband goes, "what did you think, we had vaulted ceilings?" :P I think vaulted ceilings make it a bit more forgiving, but I totally agree that if hung high, they should work just fine. As Deb said above, I think that anything BIG in a new space, takes a little getting used to. Looking at these photos, I am thinking, "what’s the problem?" Loving them more and more as the minutes pass! Thanks for stopping by and your input!!!!!!