A French Country Inspired Dining Room | ORC Week 5

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Published: November 1, 2017 |

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Well, hello week 5 of updating our dining room! We’ve got paint…


The lights are up. 

If you follow on instagram, you might have seen a sneak peek of the lights? If not, here you go. 

A French Country Inspired Dining Room | ORC Week 5 #diningroom #farmhousediningroom #modernfarmhouse #modernfarmhousediningroom #diningroomremodel #oneroomchallenge

I’m going to be honest with you guys, I didn’t like them when they first went up. They seemed really big. And a little chunkier than I had expected. But they have grown on me. No pun intended. 

Generally you’d hang a chandelier or pendant at least 30″ above the tabletop; however, with these lights, we didn’t have room to clear the 30″ mark. So we settled for 28″ – I asked the contractor helping us to sit at the table and pretend he was eating, then to get up naturally. No heads were hit, and the lights were well above his head making me feel much better about the 28″ height. 

Yet, I still felt they were a bit too big. I had a moment of panic thinking I needed to find a solution for them, but I wanted to sleep on it for a few nights. I sent photos to a few friends, and realized that once I had placed the head chairs back in place, the lights looked much more appropriate. They needed something else to balance them out besides the smaller side chairs. 

A French Country Inspired Dining Room | ORC Week 5 #diningroom #farmhousediningroom #modernfarmhouse #modernfarmhousediningroom #diningroomremodel #oneroomchallenge

I also think the look of the room will dramatically change once I have the curtains, rug, shelf, and artwork in place. So, we are keeping the lights, final verdict. 

I remembered a conversation I had with my dad recently about one of my favorite designers, Brian Patrick Flynn’s design in the HGTV Urban Oasis 2017. The giant lights above the kitchen island that I love. And my dad doesn’t love. You might dislike the lights or you might love them. I hope you love them, but if you don’t, I totally get it. We’re rockin em. 

With that said, let’s talk about the paint for a minute. Remember the green primer? It was absolutely necessary for the color to develop properly. In fact, it’s a lot more gray than I had expected, but it’s so beautiful. As the light in the room changes, the paint changes – from a warmer pink all the way to a lavender gray. I love the depth of color and texture of the estate emulsion finish, it’s almost plaster like. 

A French Country Inspired Dining Room | ORC Week 5 #diningroom #farmhousediningroom #modernfarmhouse #modernfarmhousediningroom #diningroomremodel #oneroomchallenge

We also have the crown molding up which is from Metrie. We have the same crown throughout the rest of the house, so I was excited to be able to also add it to this room. The curtains are going to look soooo good sandwiched between that chunky baseboard and pretty crown, I can’t wait! 

Next week I’m hoping to have them up along with the rug in place. Then it’s one week until the reveal! 

So, let me know – what do you think about the lights? Love em? Hate em? Need to see the space with the rug before you decide? Drop me a comment! Also, if you’re participating in the ORC, leave a link in my comments so I can come say hello! As always, thanks so much for stopping by! 


custom curtains – Tonic Living

an extra long dining table for the whole crew – existing

pink paint – Farrow and Ball

open shelving with lots of glassware, beautiful accessories, and artwork – on the hunt for wood!

oversized vintage rug – Hayneedle

crown molding – Metrie

a series of light fixtures – LampsPlus

custom artwork – Jenny’s Print Shop & Simply Framed 

linen textiles – Pom Pom at Home

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  1. I LOVE the lights and am so glad you decided to go for it! They are gorgeous and add just the right amount of drama! I am definitely looking forward to seeing it all :) It’s going to be stunning! I am participating in the ORC as a guest participant for the first time and am definitely thankful for that extra week! http://www.GarrisonStreetDesignStudio.com if you want to check it out :)

    • Thank you! They look much more at home now that the other pieces are starting to go in! I love the black door in your kitchen! So great!

  2. I think your taste is very beautiful. I love your kitchen and look forward to your full reveal. I too study the options for replacement chandeliers and wonder how I would feel about having one that is is on the larger scale. Many look so good in others’ homes and even restaurants. I think anything new can take an adjustment for our eyes, yet your dining room is very spacious and the table is large enough to accomodate the scale of your light fixtures. I think your idea to sit on it and see how it all comes together will give you that peace you need. I would do the same. I think large scale pieces can sometimes be an artistic statement. Light fixtures can truly be that! I am the same way though. If I had a different expectation it would nip at me until I solved it. :)

    • I hadn’t thought about the light fixtures in restaurants before, but you are right – some of my favorite designs are in restaurants and a lot of the time its due to the boldness of the lights/color/decor. It can pay off to do something a bit daring. Especially with lighting which can be so easily changed out! Thank you so very much!

  3. LOVE! And you’re right, the effect will be softened with the other furnishings in the room. Sometimes it’s better to go bold on something like that, a slightly unexpected statement that will make the space sing I’m sure!

    • It sure is unexpected, but now that the rug is in, they look fantastic! Can’t wait to show you all of the final photos!!!

  4. Love the wall color and the lighting! Why is lighting such a struggle? That’s my post this week as well although I didn’t want to share a pic of the entire space. Can’t wait to see the final space! Looks beautiful!

    • Lighting is so tough for me! There are so many beautiful options and sometimes it’s hard for me to picture it in the room. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  5. Oh I love the drama from these fixtures and yes they are large in scale but not over powering because of the light / airy design. A dining room for 14 people … I am so jealous!

    • Definitely airy – which saves them for sure! I wanted something big enough to seat the entire crew!! Plus we never used this living room anyways, even with it being unfinished, we use it so much more!!!

    • Oh I totally agree – it would seem off because of the scale of everything else. It seems like I need big everything for this room!

  6. I have been, and still am, team lights! I just love how this room is turning out, it’s so pretty! I even like the wall color more than I expected (not that I don’t like pink, but I’m very into neutrals on walls) but it’s so muted and dusty, it reads as a neutral to me :) I can’t wait to see it with all of the finishing touches!

    • TeamLights!!!!! I definitely am more of a neutral gal, it surprised me that I even considered a pink. But I figured I would make the most of getting to work with Farrow and Ball :). Thank you!!!

  7. I’ll be honest, the first picture of the lights was a little startling, and I was thinking hmmm, maybe with something taller at the ends. Then TaDa! Next picture had the taller chairs and I was like "Yes"! I love this direction this is headed and your room is my favorite one to fallow in the whole line up! Can’t wait for the reveal!!!

    • Haha I will be honest too – I panicked and thought I should take them down and order different lights. They seemed way too big, but once those chairs were in…much better! Thank you so so much for following along :)!