How to Find a Farm Sitter

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Leaving for vacation can be a headache when you have goats and farm animals! It doesn’t have to be though! Here are my tips for preparing for vacation with farm animals!

Finding Farm Sitters:

Vacationing with farm animals can be tough! Especially when you live in a rural area without a lot of readily available help. If you have a menagerie of farm animals.

How to find a good farm sitter?

Finding a trustworthy farm sitter can be difficult! To find a great farm sitter I usually think of my neighbors first! Even if you live in a rural area, asking your neighbors (or your neighbor’s kiddos) is a great way to find a pet sitter that is close by.

If you’d like someone to stay at your house, ask some of your friends with animals if they can reference someone great.

If you still can’t find a great farm sitter, head to your local feed store and ask if they can recommend someone! This is a good way to source a farm sitter. Always check references before trusting someone you don’t know well with your farm animals!

Make sure they have an understanding of feeding schedules and emergency protocol. Ideally, you’d like them to have experience working with farm animals.

You might also ask a local horse barn if they have anyone that does farm sitting. This can ensure that the person is knowledgable about farm animals!

What are farm sitter responsibilities?

Farm sitters should have a thorough understanding of their responsibilities. How often should they feed? What should they feed? This should all be written down and explained before you leave.

A farm sitter should expect to feed two to three times a day, and should know how to measure and administer any necessary supplements.

Farm sitters need to make sure that the animals have clean water at all times and should be comfortable checking on the animals to make sure that everyone appears to be healthy.

If an animal appears sick, a farm sitter needs to be comfortable acting. Either taking the animal to the vet, contacting the vet, or giving over the counter medications.

In the case of emergency such as fire, hurricane, or other natural disaster a farm sitter needs to have the necessary skills to evacuate the animals. Ask your farm sitter if they

Here’s to all of you who love your animals just as much as I do, you are not alone!

Thank you Rachel L’Antigua for these photos!

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  1. Oh wow! I can so relate to this! Going away for any longer than a weekend is always very stressful even though my wonderful parents love looking after my horses…my husband thinks I’m crazy!

    • That is so nice of your parents! Weirdly my horses pretty much care for themselves, they have a giant pasture with water and grass, it’s the chickens I worry about the most!

  2. Up until 3 years ago, we raised goats (120ish) on our farm in SW Minnesota. I agree 150% with your comment of "how any normal person is able to raise goats". We heard that they were were easy low maintenance animals, and found them to be quite the opposite.

    • haha I am SO glad I’m not alone! I’m beginning to think the Vet’s office thinks I am a nut job!

  3. Oh my gaawd! Goats are so adorable and hilarious at times. What a great idea to make a little goat house while you went away, I love seeing that kind of dedication when it comes to animals. :)

    • I just love them so much, I wish I could sleep in their goat house with them! haha – kidding… kind of ;)

  4. Animals can be a lot of work, especially if they’ve got medication to take, but they are so worth it! Your goats are so cute too :)

  5. Aw, so cute! Love the photos! Goats are such funny and intelligent animals – a friend of mine has goats and I just love watching them!

    • They are incredibly intelligent! We are working on their Spanish currently – hoping to have them bilingual. Totally joking – but I do call them my Chivitos :)

  6. This had me laughing out loud! I love that you love your goats so much and they are so gosh darn cute, it would be hard not to!

    • Haha Rachel I am so glad – I like to poke fun at myself for my own little quirks ;)

  7. This was the cutest post I’ve read all day! My husband and I have talked about getting animals, but it always comes down to the amount we travel and not wanting to worry about them. Hehe. Sorry about your dress ;-)

    • Like children, I wouldn’t get any animals until you’ve traveled your brains out, unless you have someone who is able to care for them while you’re gone!

  8. Wow! That sounds like quite the ordeal. I know that a lot of people who have animals just don’t travel because they can’t find other people willing to take care of the animals in their absence, so it’s really nice that you have people who will do that for you! My husband loves animals but is allergic to a lot of them and we don’t have any pets of our own, but he loved taking care of my uncle’s cats and horses whenever their family went on vacation!

    • I definitely feel so incredibly lucky to have neighbors who are so willing and so able, I feel blessed!