Horse Roots Run Deep

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Posted: 08/28/2016·

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I grew up around horses. Heck, my mom rode through her entire pregnancy with me (until she couldn’t get up in the saddle any longer). So, I’ve always loved horses, and my sister lives and breathes for horses. I seem to remember that we’re distantly related to Calamity Jane – which is probably where I get my sass from. Anyways, we are a bunch of horse-y girls on my mom’s side.

My grandmother grew up in Idaho, and won’t let you forget it. Most of her stories involve horses, cattle, or dogs. Actually, I don’t think she has a single story that doesn’t involve one of those three things. Today, she told me about a cattle drive she went on that took her from Idaho into Montana, and I wondered if I would last on a cattle drive that long. Who am I kidding, I know I wouldn’t. 

But after my grandma’s last horse passed away, the only time she gets to spend with horses is when she visits us. Every visit, she begs us to let her get up in the saddle, and of course we abide, but at 85, we always cringe as she finds her balance. 

Last night, my grandma, mom, cousin and his girlfriend came up for a visit. We had a wonderful BBQ with some of our neighbors. This morning, I walked outside to find my grandma sitting in the garden enjoying her coffee playing with the kittens. I walked back inside to grab a cup myself, and when I walked back outside, my grandma had haltered one of my horses and was riding off into the hills bareback. 

I couldn’t believe that ballsy old lady had gotten herself up there. When she came back, we asked her how she was planning on getting off, she replied by simply jumping off the horse. Proving to us that she is just as young and spry as she acts. 

Afterwards, we saddled up the horses and took my cousin’s girlfriend for a short trail ride followed by a swim in the ditch for Cody and Oakley – the horse my grandma rode. 

When she left this afternoon, her goodbye words were, “now don’t you forget to keep your eyes open for a cowboy for me!”

So I guess even though I grew up in the city, I’m fulfilling my destiny on my maternal side. I made sure to take a video and photos because I know that when my grandmother is no longer with us, we will cherish the events of today forever. 

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