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Published: December 17, 2015 |

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 Melina Wallisch Melina Wallisch  Melina Wallisch Melina Wallisch

A few weeks ago, I packed up a basket full of cookies, hot cocoa, some Baileys, and of course, mistletoe, and we headed up the mountain to the West Shore Cafe for an afternoon of fun. 

Melina (of Melina Wallisch Photography) met us there, where she captured these lovely photos for us. 

This date was extra special to me because we were married at the very same spot only two months earlier. Walking along the beach, and kissing at the end of the dock brought back so many memories from our wedding day. Lake Tahoe has always been special to us, but after being married there, the spot is even more sacred to me. 

 Melina Wallisch Melina Wallisch

Greg was not exactly as thrilled as I was about the whole endeavor because he hates getting photos taken, but he was a trooper, and I am so glad we had the chance to do this because these photos are stunning!

Any time I get to work with Melina, I walk away feeling to at peace. There is something about her that just makes you feel calm. (Which is probably why Greg lasted as long as he did on the photoshoot part of our date!). Although, it wasn’t too hard to convince him of a photoshoot full of kisses ;).

 Melina Wallisch Melina Wallisch  Melina Wallisch Melina Wallisch

Now it’s your turn! I’m sharing all the details of our date, and how you can create your own mistletoe moment over on Style Me Pretty. Afterwards, be sure to share your own #SMPMisteltoeMoments on instagram for a chance to be featured on Style Me Pretty’s account!

 Melina Wallisch Melina Wallisch

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