Laundry Room Remodel | Week 4 & 5

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Our laundry room remodel is nearing the finish line, and I am excited to share some updates with you! Many thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this room! 

Our laundry room remodel is nearing the finish line, and I am excited to share some updates with you! Many thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this room!

I was out of town last week and didn’t give an update on our laundry room, but I am excited to share quite a few photos with you today! Since last week, a lot has happened in the room – the door is now installed (more on that later), all of the cabinets are installed, and almost all of the trim is finished. The color of the cabinets against the white paneling is really so beautiful. Once again, I am happy with Bistro White!

Our laundry room remodel is nearing the finish line, and I am excited to share some updates with you! Many thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this room!

Do you see the pretty cup pulls on the drawers??? Do you get as excited about them as I do??? The bin pulls are something I’ve wanted to use for awhile, we actually almost used them in our kitchen. I selected the Bedford Nickel for this room, and they are so beautiful!! These pulls are a great price for the quality, they are sturdy and beautifully made, and very inexpensive compared to other similar options. 

Also…our new washing machine and dryer are here & installed which has me almost as excited as the bin pulls. My neighbor has been so gracious to let me stop by to do laundry at her house, but having a washer and dryer at home is so nice! I washed my first load last night, and sleeping on fresh clean sheets was such a treat. I was so used to the noise of our old machine that I couldn’t believe how quiet the HE is. (Quiet) music to my ears. 

You might be wondering when we will be finished with this project? Didn’t I say 30 days? Welp – we are waiting on countertops. So until they arrive, our hands are tied, but I am so grateful to have a functioning laundry room while we wait! 

Once the countertops arrive we have a few days of tile install, and then we are finished! The sink and faucet are waiting patiently on stand by, and it’s taking everything in me not to open up the sink box on my own. I can’t wait to see it installed. We have the Whitehaven sink in our kitchen, and I think it’s going to look just as pretty in the laundry room. Thanks to Home Depot and Kohler for providing those for us! 

But now onto a more pressing matter. The door.

When I got home from Tahoe I walked into the laundry room to the most beautiful door. My contractor had taped it off in preparation to paint, but hadn’t begun yet. He had called me earlier in the week and asked, “you know the door is mahogany right?” “…Yes?” “…and you still want to paint it?” As if it were a sin to even mention. 

When I got home I realized what he was talking about. The door, which I had planned to paint white, was so beautiful in combination with the white walls and gray cabinets. I was so happy he hadn’t painted it yet. 

Our laundry room remodel is nearing the finish line, and I am excited to share some updates with you! Many thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this room!

Still, I considered either black or white paint. Our front door is painted black (Cannonball Black), and it is wonderful! We also have the same door on the opposite side of the hallway, it is painted white, and is seamlessly beautiful against the white wall. I even asked on instagram, and the results were pretty close – although more people voted for paint rather than leaving it natural. 

But you know when you flip a coin to decide on a something? And you immediately know what your true desire was because you’re either disappointed or excited  by the outcome? That was me with the door. I was so relieved that it wasn’t painted when I got home, that I knew deep down I truly wanted to keep it au natural. 

So natural she will be. 

I can always paint it later on – but stripping paint is no fun, and to cover up that beautiful mahogany just might be a sin. A sin I’ve committed on both our side door and front door ;). 

The photo here is a little off because the windows are taped and I had to use artificial light, so the color doesn’t quite come through. The wood is a very light oak – less orange than what is shown here (a more accurate photo of the color is at the top of the page).

We will seal the door with Flat on Flat by General Finishes. We did this on our french doors in the living room, and I was very happy with the way they turned out. I had a few woodworkers/contractors suggest that the doors be sprayed, but ultimately our previous contractor hand painted them with a foam brush, and we weren’t left with any bubbling, pooling, or discoloration. I mention this because in the amazon reviews many say they weren’t happy with the results, but we genuinely are. If your door is in direct sunlight, you may consider finding a different finish, but the doors we have used this on are covered or do not come in direct contact with sunlight for very long during the day. 

I also got asked a lot about the door itself (here is a direct link to the door). I really really love them. I found these doors through hours and hours of google searching because I had a very specific vision for the french doors in our living room. I wanted them to be narrow – 24″ each, and I didn’t have a huge budget for custom doors…or imported doors from France, which is what I really wanted.

I couldn’t find anything to fit the dimensions or style, but still I searched. Finally, when I found these doors I knew they were perfect, and priced reasonably, given the nature. We liked them so much we have used them on all of the doors in our house, and are very happy with the quality. The natural wood is beautiful, but they are lovely when painted as well. For this door, we ordered it as a slab, and our contractor was kind enough to build out the frame and jam for us. This is a big pain in the butt for someone to have to do, but we didn’t have six weeks to wait for the door jam to be built by the manufacturer. I thought I would add this info in for anyone interested, I know first hand how hard it is to find beautiful, reasonably priced, exterior doors. 

I hope by next week I can tell you that our countertops are installed, but I have a feeling it’s going to be another couple of weeks before they come. So until then, I will enjoy my quiet washing machine, and having access to the apple trees through this beautiful door. 

As always, thank you so much for stopping by, I am always grateful to be able to share these posts with you! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Do you share resources? I need cabinets for the pantry. Did Home Depot provide the cabinets as well? Are they holding up well?

  2. Wow! It’s turning out so beautifully. And thank you for the links. I noticed on the French doors they said interior. How have yours held up? Have you treated or sealed them with anything?

    • Just double checked for you – it says exterior use is okay. We have used these for exterior doors before and have had good results. We have sealed them though with an exterior sealant to protect from the elements :)

  3. Love the look of the cabinets! We’re in the process of picking out cabinets for a kitchen and I’m having such a hard time picking between gray and white cabinets. Yours look great!

    • Thank you so much! They are large slate pieces – will be adding a dark sealant to them so that they are super dark.