A Guest Bathroom Renovation: The Reveal

July 27, 2017

Take a peek into this beautiful guest bathroom remodel full of marble, brass, and pretty details!

Bathroom renovations are fun because they are so quick and easy. As oppose to a kitchen or addition, bathrooms simply take a week or two, and are relatively inexpensive (unless you’re importing, etc…). 

As I mentioned in the design plan, this bathroom has been on our ‘to-do’ list since we first moved to the ranch. It serves as our guest bathroom, and it completed our guest room renovation. Our guest room is painted a light gray with lots of wood tones and beautiful crown molding so I wanted to keep the bathroom light and airy as well. 

When I first started designing this space, I was hoping to put a clawfoot tub in with a beautiful old-school brass curtain rod above it. However, we needed everything fast, and I fell in love with fixtures that would have taken 8 weeks to arrive. So as a way of keeping things inexpensive & quick, I decided to put a walk-in marble shower in the bathing space.

When we stripped the room down to the sheetrock, I realized that it would’ve made more sense to put the toilet below the window, and place a small vanity beside it. Doing so would have opened the space up, and stopped you from walking into a toilet when you enter the room. However, we had already purchased the large vanity, so we stuck to the plan of keeping everything in the same spot that it was originally in: shower, toilet, etc… 

We had guests coming up for a weekend trip and needed the space to be ready, so we brought in a tile team, and the guys finished the entire thing in 2.5 days. They were amazing, worked overtime, and solved a few problems we encountered along the way…

I had ordered 35 SF of the hexagon tile, which was 5 SF short of what we needed to complete the shower floor. This put us in a real pickle on a tight timeframe, so our tile guy suggested cutting down the spare 6×12 subway pieces into squares to be laid down diagonally. It was really our only option, but I am so happy with the results. I think the addition of another pattern in the space really adds a lot to the design. 

Another surprise during the design process was the color of the vanity. My taste leans more towards lighter shades of wood rather than deep stained wood. So when I opened the vanity and saw the dark color, it was very unexpected. I decided to embrace the dark (it was too late not to), and select a light fixture that complimented it. That, combined with the brass hardware, adds a bit of drama to the space. 

You might notice that we added wood paneling to the walls of the bathroom. We have this type of paneling in our entryway and hallway, so it was a nice way to tie the rooms together. I wanted the chair railing to be higher than our hallway to add some character to the (Bistro White) walls; eventually, I’d like to wallpaper the space above the paneling to add a little bit more to the room. I haven’t made the selection yet, so we are tabling that until I can find a great removable wall paper.

I also forgot to mention that we put a new window in. Our windows are all either single pane, or broken, so room by room we are replacing every window in the house, it’s amazing how new windows can elevate a room! 

Still to come: 

The bathroom is 99% finished, I’d still like to add a few more details to really complete the project. Like I mentioned, I think wallpaper above the chair rail will take the space from being beautiful to really being incredible. I’d also like to have a linen roman shade made for the window. Other than that, we are just waiting on the glass to be finished to complete the walk-in marble shower. 

I hope you enjoy seeing the transformation of this space, I know that I have! It was a fairly quick project that is now one of my favorite rooms in the house!


mirror | vanity | faucet | shower head | marble: hexagonherringbonesubway | sconce | hooks  

the towels are no longer available but here are similar options:  || 1  ||  2  ||  3  ||  4 (very similar)

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  1. I absolutely love the look of the open shower bathroom remodel. Our house happens to be very old and outdated. I think that we should look into having our bathroom remodeled to make it look a little more modern.

    • We purchased the vanity so long ago, and back then I don’t think RH offered as many options as they do now. I think it was either "buy with" or "buy without". However, if I were to guess, I’d say it is carrara.

  2. I love this reno! How lovely. Would you mind sharing your source for the towels? Those are exactly what I’m looking for, but the link isn’t working. Thanks so much!

  3. I love what you’ve done here, Chloe. Beautiful as always. I’ve got to get me some of those towels….so pretty!

    • Aren’t they lovely!? I am obsessed with them – I’d like to swap out all of our towels for some like this! Thank you!