My Sister’s High School Graduation Party

June 6, 2015

Helllllllo summer! The past few weeks I’ve been a woman on the run; between working, our new animals, trying to stay up to date on the world wide web, and my sister graduating, I haven’t had a chance to breathe.  Luckily, things are about to slow down, way down.  School is finally out for the summer, and that means I will have the next three months to finalize wedding details, and craft craft craft.  

I had to work the day of my sister’s graduation, so right when the 7th period bell rang, I split for home, and we rushed into town.  We made it to the ceremony with seconds to spare.  Only in Reno would your sister’s high school graduation be at a casino.  Afterwards, we went out for drinks and desserts at one of our favorite restaurants, Campo.  If you’re ever in Reno, it’s a must!  I  will tell you – their Budino dessert is hands down the best dessert I’ve ever had in my life.  Ever. 

The day after, my sister and I drove up to Lake Tahoe to have some lunch, do a little shopping at Fine N Funky (another MUST), and tour rehearsal dinner venues.  It was so nice to spend the afternoon with my sister, because we rarely get to spend any time with just the two of us anymore.  

We ended the week with her graduation party at a little brewery in Reno called Brasserie Saint James.  They brew all of their own beer, and have deeeeelicious food.  We had reserved their outdoor patio, but when we got there to set up for the party, it had started to rain.  Rain in Nevada is super rare, but we’ve been getting it heavy lately, which is a blessing for the drought, but doesn’t exactly spell “outdoor party”.  We thought about moving the party indoors, but their outdoor venue was just too cute to turn down, so rain or shine, we decided to chance it.  I’m so glad we did because we ended up having beautiful weather, and a wonderful time.  

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