Pink Flamingo Coladas

June 10, 2016

Pink pina coladas in DIY cups for summer pool parties!

Often times I find myself coming up with drink recipes at the grocery store – other times, I’m sitting in my craft room at 11 o’clock at night thinking about recipes & drink ideas. This idea came to me at about midnight. Both the DIY glasses & the cocktail.

All of a sudden I had the blender out, was cutting vinyl, and dancing to “…if you like pina coladas…”. It’s a good thing Greg was sleeping, and even the goats were put to bed – no one was around to judge the fact that I couldn’t find the lid to my blender…but decided to blend anyways. Pink flamingos everywhere! ;)

Post photos and cleanup, I dove face first into the pink pina coladas not once, not twice, but three times. I had to make sure the recipe was worth sharing, ya know? Because the last time I tried to make a whiskey cocktail, I failed miserably, and almost hung up my self-given title of “cocktail connoiser” (which hasn’t made it into my instagram profile yet, but I’ve considered it).

I wasn’t sure if this recipe was going to be as tasty as its pineapple filled sister – because I didn’t have any pineapples on hand, or any pineapple juice on hand (and I call myself a blogger!?), so we had to make due with rum, Malibu, limes, and good ol’ Coco Lopez.

The verdict of my face first diving was: mmmmmm. Like, major mmmm. Like, ‘you’ve got to try this mmmm‘.


Pink Flamingo Colada


  • 3 oz. Coco Lopez
  • 1 Tray Ice Cubes
  • 1.5 oz. rum
  • 1.5 oz. malibu
  • Splash grenadine
  • Juice 1 lime + slices for garnish

Instructions: Put it all in a coconut and shake it all.. Okay, I’ll stop being stupid, sorry… All you’ve gotta do is put everything in a blender (put. your. lid. on.), then pour into glasses, and enjoy!


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  1. Oh YUM! The perfect summer refresher :) Love the vinyl decals, too! Thanks so much for linking up at The DIY Collective!

  2. First off, You can NEVER go wrong with Malibu! I can’t wait to try this! Pink makes it even better, and flamingos? Yes! So you made those glasses? Tutorial please!

  3. Love this! They look so refreshing. My daughter’s fave color is pink so I need to make these for her sometime this summer. Love the cute glasses, too!

  4. I know these have to taste like heaven, but I must say the presentation is AWESOME! Those are the cutest glasses.