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August 14, 2016

Since moving to the ranch two years ago, I’ve been back home approximately 78 times. If you do the math, that’s nearly once a week. I am super lucky in the fact that my new home is only 2.5 hours away from where I grew up in Reno, Nevada. 

This has made moving to a town with one store and a post office a little easier on me. If it weren’t for being able to see my sister at the drop of a two and a half hour hat, I probably wouldn’t be able to handle the ticks, mosquitos, and cowpies. 

This has also kept me in the spirit of city living. I love the country life, I mean, where else could I walk around in running shorts and muck boots and not get looked at weird? But, I also love a good craft cocktail and a $23 salad. Balance, eh?

Last weekend I headed to Reno to a pop-up dinner, at a bar called Death & Taxes. No where on the ranch can I get a duck-mousse macaron or a lavender tequila cocktail. 

My girlfriend, Danielle, of Elise Events invited me to go a few months back, and tickets sold out nearly immediately. I would have bought tickets for Elders & Buckwheat to attend, but, there was only one left after I purchased mine, and I’m not one to play favorites.

Husband note: “You should mention something about goats, because not everyone knows about Elderberry and Buckethweat.” So, if you don’t know about Elderberry and Bcukwheat, now you do. They are the apples of my eye, and now husband note number two, “Babe, you can’t keep going on about them forever you’re going to lose people.” So, cutting myself off now… 

Anyways, it was a real treat to head out on the town in some heels. Which I literally, had to dust off when I pulled them out of my closet. 

Between Butter + Salt’s perfect menu, and Death & Taxes‘ curated cocktails, the night was a wonderful treat. We were welcomed with duck mousse liver macarons (please don’t tell Eleanor) and a sparkling peach rosé cocktail. Things kept getting worse from there. ;) 

Roasted carrots with goat milk yogurt (HELLO!) paired with an olive oil washed gin & blood orange number. I am ashamed to say the third course was my favorite, only because, we have a pet duck (Eleanor). The third course was smoked duck breast. It was heaven in my mouth, and I simply pretended it was coyote or something else I dislike greatly.

The main course, a Scotch braised lamb with mint pistou (not to be confused with Pesto, which has nuts, obviously) that fell off the bone and into my belly, paired with a pineapple honey cocktail really sealed the deal on my new found obsession with Butter + Salt and Death & Taxes. I silently wondered if anyone would notice if I just slept in the really cool bathroom, moved in (with Elders & Buckwheat of course), and became a real cocktail connoisseur. Alas, I did not sleep in the bathroom, and after enjoying one hell of a cherry sundae – which, side note, is not the same kind of cherry sundae The Frosty in town serves – and a Lavender Mezcal aperitif, I rolled myself on home, not forgetting to grab fresh raspberry preserves on my way out. 

There was no steak served, and I did not spy any cans of Coors (nor was it on draft), it was a great mini vacation from the sprawling metropolis of the ranch. 

Butter + Salts’ beet salt upgraded my love of bread into an addiction. My family is currently planning their intervention. I hope no one noticed when I bagged some up in a little plastic bag like a drug dealer. That Aubrey, she’s got magic hands. 

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