Ranch Life: When Life Gives you a Generator

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Posted: 01/31/2016·

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This weekend, we had a storm roll in that was quite worse than we were expecting, when the worst of it hit, Greg and I were at a high school basketball game (I am a coach), and Greg decided it would be best for us to leave my car there (well, technically not MY car, which is still in the shop after the antelope incident), and have him drive the both of us home. Since there was another set of games the next day, this was no problem. 

As we drove home, I was thankful that he was driving, the roads had yet to be plowed and there was a good 6 inches on the road. As we rolled up the driveway, we realized the power was out. The power goes out a LOT around here, so we have a generator (I’m not sure why the Pioneer Woman doesn’t have one!?), so realizing the power was out was really no big deal. 

I decided to light some candles anyways, just because it seemed necessary, and because I really have a thing for burning candles. Greg got the generator up and running, and all was fine. 

In the midst of this, my BFF Katie, called, which of course meant I needed to pour myself a glass of wine. When you live on a ranch, phone calls with your girlfriends on a Friday night are the closest thing you’re gonna get to “going out”. During our conversation, I accidently spilled some wine on my new linen shams – which prompted me to do a load of laundry, but right as I got the load going, the generator stopped working.

Greg was in the shower, and I had just put the towels in the wash. I started laughing uncontrollably as Greg yelled at me to TURN ON THE LIGHTS, only I couldn’t, because the power was out, so then he demanded me to hand him his towel, only I couldn’t, because I had just put it in the wash. This sent Katie and I into hysterics, but for some reason, Greg did not find it funny in the least bit. 

He got himself decent, pulled on his Bogs and tromped outside through the snow to restart the generator, coming back inside mumbling, “Damn generator overheating for no good reason.” It was about 10 pm so he hopped in bed, but I still had a few hours of work to do before I went to sleep. 

Before going to bed, he said, “If that happens again, wake me up.” 

I grabbed the finished wash from the machine, and tossed it into the dryer when sure enough, the generator stopped working again, so I did what he told me to do, and attempted to wake him up… It went something like this:

“Hey babe… I think the generator overheated again, the power went out.”

“It’s fine.”

“Okay, well the power isn’t working, and you told me to wake you up if that happened again.”

“The power is fine.” <—- This is when I realized he was sleep talking. 

“Uh, no it’s not. Do you want me to go out and do it?”

NO. Just go out and feed your hay.” 

Right. So I was dealing with a sleep talking husband here. 

I was finally able to wake him enough to get him up, dressed, and out the door to restart the generator. As he came inside I heard, “F#&#*$ #*&# #&#(@)@ #&*@*$” (and not in Spanish). 

“That damn generator keeps busting the breaker switch for no reason, damn *$@*@& thing. Why don’t you quit prancing around like a fairy, and just go to bed?” (The fairy quote is truly what he said to me…)

At this point I was trying to hold it together after he had just told me to “go out and feed my hay” and called me a fairy within five minutes of each other, but I didn’t want to push him over the edge over a fear that he would decide to pack his bags and move to Hawaii. So, I decided I would try and go to bed too, but not without remembering to restart the dryer since it had been shut off along with the power. 

I pranced my fairy self back to the laundry room, and as I pressed the button, the entire house went black….again. I felt like I was in a cartoon and the only thing that was visible were my blinking eyeballs with the realization that I was probably the one breaking the breaker switch… As I blinked in the dark all I heard was, “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.” 

So, in case you were wondering… You can’t run your washing machine off a generator. 

Now go out and feed your hay! 

 Nellie & Lady Grey  enjoying their snow day.  Nellie & Lady Grey  enjoying their snow day.   Much less grumpy, and fully awake after actually feeding his Saturday morning hay.  Much less grumpy, and fully awake after actually feeding his Saturday morning hay.   The boys going to the General Store to get some diesel for the generator which ran just fine all night after I stopped 'prancing around'. ;) The boys going to the General Store to get some diesel for the generator which ran just fine all night after I stopped ‘prancing around’. ;)

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