Summer Entertaining: Best Barware Accessories

July 15, 2016

I love summertime up here, it allows us to eat outdoors nearly every night – which means we BBQ. Which means I don’t have to do dishes. 

Naturally, I enter into full party planning mode, and have been throwing BBQ’s weekly – exercising my right to outdoor entertaining before the cooler weather traps us back inside like the goats during apple blossom season.

Having friends and family stop by to play a game of corn hole, test out my favorite appetizer recipes, and sip on #toastingfromafar cocktails is what summer is all about, isn’t it? 

Last night as I sipped white wine from my favorite glasses /6/, with an ice cube melting into it (mental note: need to buy wine beads /2/), I went on an online shopping spree to gather my favorite outdoor entertaining essentials. 

/3/ I’m having a real moment dying over all of these picks, like Pottery Barn serving it to us with their new Bleeker Bar Collection, I must get my little hooves on the cocktail shaker at the very least. 

/5/ As if we didn’t love Terrain enough. They blessed us with this cheese board video, and the cheese boards. I’m still waiting for the cheese. Until then:

/7/ Absolutely ridiculous (#necessary) glass cocktail stir sticks. Because breaking wine glasses wasn’t enough, Food52 has given us these irresistible cuties. 

/8/ Can you even handle Terrain with their perfectly wrinkled linen napkins? I’m not over it. Except, I have to admit, I’ll probably end up making my own. I stand no chance against a linen sewing project. If you’re not a sewer, you need these. Why? Because their adorable little ties also turn them into bibs for lobster feeds. Have I ever thrown a lobster feed? No. Have I ever even been to a lobster feed? No. I still must have them. 


1. moroccan glasses | 2. wine beads | 3. bleeker bar collection | 4. geometric stone coatsers |    5. serving boards | 6. rosé glasses | 7. glass cocktail stirrers | 8. linen wrap napkins 

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