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Posted: 03/29/2017·

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You won’t believe how beautiful this patio furniture is until you see it! Try these 5 easy tips for entertaining with ease this summer!


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Every time I get to work with Home Depot, I have so much fun, and styling this patio collection was no different. Currently, our patio is torn up from renovations, but my neighbor was kind enough to let me set up shop at her place. I love her new board and batten siding that complimented the wicker chairs perfectly.

Truth be told, I was not a fan of wicker furniture before receiving this furniture. I thought I would be able to make it pretty, but I wasn’t sure if I’d love it. Well, I LOVE it. The color of the wicker is perfectly neutral; not too warm and not too cool – making it a great option for any home. It’s also more durable than other wicker I have seen, a win-win. 

I decided to use all of the product in unexpected ways: like filling the serving caddy with water to house fresh flowers, and planting my Helleborus in a clear glass vase so that the roots were visible. I am such a fan of string lights & lanterns, and was so excited to get to use them for this project. We had leftover candles from our wedding, and I cannot wait to put them to use this summer.

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  1. This is so stunning, girl! I can’t wait for patio season (I may or may not currently be sipping a glass of rosé!) Congratulations on working with Home Depot too — that’s amazing! Sending all the love from Canada. :)

    • Oh thank you! Yes, I absolutely love working with THD – whenever I walk into a store now I think "WHERE’S MY APRON!?" LOL! Toasting to you…which you just reminded me, I have a bottle of rose in the fridge!!!