The Home Depot DIY Challenge: Cement

August 24, 2016

This is a sponsored post by The Home Depot.
I am so excited to get to type those words above! I absolutely love working with THD, participating in the Home Depot DIY Challenges has been a blast, and I have become quite fluent in the art of screw-driving. ;)

Over Father’s Day weekend, my dad came up to the ranch to visit Greg and I. Whenever we have visitors, we immediately put them to work. This time, I asked my dad to help me build a hay manger for my goats, and this diy cement trough.

I had never worked with cement before, and I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to use the material. It was sort of like making jam for the first time – not actually that difficult, but very daunting! At first, I did not buy enough cement, I think I was a little unsure of how much I would need, but cement does not expand very much when you mix the water in, so make sure you buy enough cement to fill your entire mold!

As my dad and I got to work, he revealed so much to me that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Like using your finger to smooth the caulk, or how to easily switch drill bits. Working together on this project brought me back to when I was little, when we would spend time out in his shop working on various school projects. Like the one time I wanted to invent an automatic vegetable peeler because I was sick of cutting myself during the veggie peeling process. Looking back, I realize just how much of a child prodigy I could have been. Anyways, It was very fitting that it was Father’s Day, and I soaked up every second of our time together.

Cement generally has gravel mixed in it, but the cement I used was gravel free, which can crack easily. To help combat this, we allowed the project to dry in a cool place for a longer period of time. Additionally, we tapped the outside of the wood mold with a rubber mallet to allow any air bubbles within the cement to rise to the top.

The basis of cement is very simple: build a mold and pour. Now that I know how to work with the material, I have so. Many. Ideas. Cement napkin rings, cement flowerpots, cement goat sculptures… If you haven’t ever worked with cement, don’t let it scare you; it’s a fun material to use for creating sleek design décor items.

Click over to the Home Depot Blog to get the steps to recreate this cement trough. It’s a great project for outdoor dining, especially if you live in a breezy area!

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  1. Love all things cement! I wish I had polished cement floors and counter tops in my house! Definitely want to try this trough idea soon!

  2. I’ve never made anything with cement, and this looks pretty simple to make and so pretty!! I would not have thought to use cooking spray before pouring the concrete! Genius!