This Week on the Ranch No. 4

September 11, 2017

“This Week on the Ranch” is a weekly series sharing snippets and stories from life on the range. 

I have been incredibly busy since school has started; and unfortunately, have had little time to work on the ranch. This week I managed to sneak away, and spend the day helping the boys ship off some cattle and move a few pairs. 

We started off bright and early on Wednesday morning moving roughly 20 head into the chutes to be sent off to Shasta livestock. When we headed out to gather them, Greg told me that things could “get a little western” due to the random invisible bogs throughout the field. He showed me a safe path, but cattle don’t always like to listen to, or stay on, the safe path – luckily, they were very cooperative and went through the gate on the second try. No cuss words were said, and marriages stayed in tact. 

Afterwards, we headed out to gather a field of dry heifers to be brought in and loaded on the same truck. It was a short ride out to the girls and and easy ride bringing them in. The only tough spot we ran into was past our small barn where they discovered green grass. Emiliano’s dogs saved the day and we had them through in no time. 

As we loaded them into the truck, we realized we were missing one heifer. We unloaded and recounted, but still came up one short. We figured that she must have jumped a fence somewhere to evade the truck. I’m still not sure if the boys have found her yet! 

After all of the cattle were loaded and ready to go, we left to gather cattle from the rangeland on one end of the ranch so that they could be moved the following day. While we were loading up our horses into the stock trailer, Greg’s horse had other ideas. He did not want to get into the trailer – so we spent 45 minutes working with him. Getting him to put one foot on, then rewarding him, then two feet on, reward… and so on. Finally, he loaded in and we were off! Greg’s uncle said, “time spent sharpening your tools, is not time wasted.” 

We spent the rest of the morning gathering the cattle and pushing them towards White Horse. When we had them ready to go we realized that we had about 20 head of our neighbor’s cattle mixed in with ours. They are easy to spot because they have yellow ear tags. I snapped a picture and sent it to him and asked if he wanted to come over for some tri-tip ;). By the time we were finished, I was tired, hungry, and ready for a long nap. When we got to the cook house, late, there was food waiting for us including fresh biscuits & honey. We laughed and talked for nearly and hour.

I love getting to work on the ranch and am hoping that my schedule will calm down a bit so that I can go back to spending three days a week. I am excited for feeding to start because I love using the work horses. Plus it’s a workout without actually having to work out. 

I spent the weekend in Tahoe at Northstar, I am excited to be partnering with them this winter to bring you some beautiful home tours, events, and lots of other fun things!!! I hope you have a lovely weekend, and as always, thank you so much for stopping by! 

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