When Family Comes to Town & The Start of the Remodel

February 16, 2016

This weekend, my sister, her boyfriend, my aunt, and uncle came to visit us (I’m sure it was the romantic idea my sister had in mind for Valentine’s Day). They came up to help us begin remodeling our pantry. Starting with ripping the dumbwaiter out of it. AKA A tiny elevator for groceries. Sounds cool right? Well, it took up 3×3 feet of space, and has been out of order for years. It was time to say goodbye. 

Friday night I had a basketball game, and when I came home to a full house, it was like coming home to a brand new car. I love it when my family comes to visit! Saturday morning we all woke up early to go feeding with Greg. I managed to put my robe on upside down and inside out, spill a cup of coffee down the back side of Greg’s new truck. Let’s just say, I’m not a morning person (hence the hat and clumped mascara, which was added at the last second because “the cows totally care about mascara”). 

Dustin, my sister’s boyfriend was visiting for the first time, so we really wanted to scare him by taking him feeding – which is a life risking activity. Greg was sure to throw in, “If we get into a runaway, just grab on to the headboard.” Dustin kept his cool, but I sort of lost mine when the rest of the ranch guys said, “Oh you’re taking Baltazar? What you don’t like your family?”… Apparently Baltazar (alias name: Ball) has a knack for running off with his wagon and passengers in tow. I think they were kidding. Hopefully. 

We got ready to go, and headed out. In total we had 6 teams, but only 4 of us went together to feed a large couple of fields. Dustin had never picked up a hay hook before, but he caught on very quickly. I can’t say the same for myself (LOL), let’s just say I won’t be going to work on the ranch any time soon. 

Greg instructed me on how to properly lift a bale (I mean, I did Crossfit for years, so I am basically a master at lifting weird heavy objects right?), but I was not successful. I think I will stick to staying at home with Cody and the kittens, because crafting is a lot more fun than working. 

Meanwhile, my uncle stayed home and removed the dumbwaiter from the pantry for us. When we got home, we found it all ready for demolition. Throughout the rest of the weekend, we scraped the residue from old screws, and the framing of the dumbwaiter, installed recessed lighting, and patched holes and cracks. The next step is to finish smoothing out the patches, paint, and remove a built-in shelf jetting into the pantry from the living room.

After that, we will be ready to install the new cabinets, tile, and add new baseboards. Here is a mock up of the finished product (the cabinets will actually sit on top of the counter, and go all the way up to the ceiling, I just couldn’t draw that in the software). You can read a detailed post about the pantry here

Let me share my ranch life with you once a week!

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