When Neighbors Come Together: Bonfires & S’Mores on the Ranch

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Published: June 5, 2016 |

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The other day Greg got home from work only to be greeted with more work. Our neighbor’s ranch was spending the Saturday afternoon BBQ’ing & putting up a tent, which required some help from neighboring hands.

 The boys enjoying some good beer on Tap from Lakeview Lockers The boys enjoying some good beer on Tap from Lakeview Lockers

I couldn’t quite understand why a tent was necessary to have the BBQ. I’ve never had a BBQ in a tent, and I imagined all of us ducking to get in the little tent opening hole. Stuffy & crowded with a BBQ in the middle. It seemed quite unpleasant. The only reason I could think of them putting up the tent was because it was a little bit windy, but considering these ranch people will fix a fence in a snow storm, the wind really didn’t seem all that daunting to the success of a BBQ. All I knew, is that I had the ingredients for s’mores, so I was excited. (Calories don’t count when you eat s’mores at a bonfire. Am I right?)

When I got to the tent site, the boys (about 10 guys from the ranches in the area) were digging giant holes, and putting up a giant tent. It was the size of a circus tent, and it didn’t even have sides. I was still confused as to why this tent was necessary for the BBQ. It sure seemed like a lot of work for some prime rib & our comfort. Which really wasn’t even that addressed because of the missing sides. I wondered if they were going to add the sides later. 

It was cold, so I opened up a bottle of wine to warm up, and considered eating some of the s’mores ingredients. 

 The ranch we helped also owns Lakeview Lockers - a deli & butcher shop with beer and wine!  The ranch we helped also owns Lakeview Lockers – a deli & butcher shop with beer and wine! 

After a really long time, the boys were finally done putting the tent up. And the BBQ commenced. I whispered to Greg, “Why did they put up a tent without sides for the BBQ?”

He looked at me like the way a waiter looks at you when you accidentally order a cheeseburger at a vegetarian restaurant. 

“Chloe, the BBQ was just a way to say thank you for helping put the tent up. The tent is their shelter for the entire summer for them.” 

Ohhhhhh. Duh. 

 Enjoying s'more  #4, right before Greg cut me off. #chocolatewasted Enjoying s’more  #4, right before Greg cut me off. #chocolatewasted

So the sideless tent was really just a job that needed some helping hands, and the BBQ was to say thank you. I felt bad I was eating the food, because not once did I lift a helping hand with the giant sideless tent. 

Oh well, I brought wine and s’mores and that had to count for something didn’t it?

After the BBQ, we started up the fire and I made best friends with the kids because I was the marshmallow lady. Actually, I was already best friends with most of the kids because I wear glasses, which automatically makes you cool. I think I might have been the only adult as dedicated to the perfectly golden malllow as those under nine, but after 4 s’mores, Greg cut me off. I really like s’mores. 

 This little cowboy takes his jobs very seriously.  This little cowboy takes his jobs very seriously. 

It was so much fun to come together as neighbors to lend a helping hand and enjoy BBQ and s’mores together. I love our little town, and all of our neighbors so much, and I hope they love me too, because next weekend we’ve got a job to be done that needs a few helping hands… Operation ‘goat fence’. I’ll keep you posted. 

Until then, I am off to Sonoma for a week. I hope you’ll follow me along on Instagram & Snapchat (both @boxwoodavenue). I’ll be doing some styling work with Sarah Deragon for Cake Bloom as well as meeting up with Chateau Sonoma for some exciting collaborations, and gathering a bunch of content for A Savvy Lifestyle. Have a great week everyone! As always, thank you so much for reading along, it means the world to me to have you as a friend! 


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