Boxwood Avenue

CHLOE MACKINTOSH | founder, Boxwood avenue

Resident farmgirl

Chloe is self described as, "a girl relocated from Miu Miu to moo moo," uprooted from urban living, she is a chicken & quinoa kind of girl, living in a meat and potato kind of world. Chloe writes about balancing life as a hostess, homemaker, and farmgirl. Sharing things like "how to dry herbs" and "how to plant a fall veggie garden", Boxwood Avenue is a lifestyle site reigniting the beauty of making. A place where slow living is relished and encouraged; we believe in the old world traditions that make for a simple and fulfilled life. 

Now located on a cattle ranch in northern California, in a town with a population of 99, Chloe keeps the company of her chickens, duck, kittens, horses, dog, cows, goats, and husband. There's a few cows there too. 

Chloe also works as a freelance stylist for boutique wineries, bakeries, florists, and other creative businesses to help tell their unique story.

Boxwood Avenue | slow living on a modern homestead
Boxwood Avenue | slow living on a modern homestead

Jordyn Pecha | owner, floral mountains

garden contributor

Jordyn has lived in Washington state her entire life; surrounded by the mountains, forests and ocean, nature is her biggest inspiration. 

Graduating from Washington State University in 2013 with a degree in Landscape, Nursery and Greenhouse Management, rather than opening her own nursery, Jordyn pursued her true passion of working with flowers. Saying, "I wanted to create something with them and not just water them." After researching everything she could about floral design and learning from some of the best in the industry, Jordyn opened her own bespoke floral design studio, Floral Mountains. One day, she hopes to own a large cutting garden to gather flowers for her designs. 

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Rachel L'Antigua Photography

rachel l'antigua | owner rachel L'antigua photography

Photography & design

Rachel L’Antigua is a lifestyle, wedding, and editorial photographer currently based in Nashville.

Assisting on many shoots like this one and this one, Rachel is our go-to girl for design work and editorial photography. Rachel worked in-house for many months, and the time spent with her was invaluable.

An excellent teacher and all around friend, she loves getting to know people’s stories and has the ability to share them through her work. She undoubtedly makes everyone she meets feel loved, and when we say, “she’s most likely to end up as a bridesmaid in your wedding,” we mean it.

photographers we enjoy working with, many of which have contributed to the site. 

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