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Found Vintage Rentals sources vintage furnishings from all over the world for weddings and events in California! Here's a peek at their brand new showroom & warehouse in Emeryville!

Found Vintage Rentals in California - vintage French goods for events & weddings |

It is no secret that I am a big fan of French design. I especially love vintage French goods, be it furniture, accessories, or even something obscure (but old). Give me an old oak dresser with stripped down paint, and I am a happy, happy girl. 

My friend Jen from Sunset Magazine reached out to see if I might be interested in attending a warehouse opening in Emeryville. When she told me it was for Found Vintage Rentals, I knew that I wanted to go! Found Rentals helped furnish quite a few of the events at Oh So Inspired last year, and I remember wanting to take every single piece home. In fact, when I was getting married, I practically begged Found to deliver to Tahoe, but #outofbudget. 

I asked my sister if she was interested in going with me to the warehouse opening, and luckily, she was available!! If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen quite a few of these photos, but I wanted to share all of the juicy details about Found moving to Northern California. 

As it turns out, Jeni, the owner of Found is in this month's issue of Country Living. She is also friends with Heather Bullard who styled Jeni's home for Flea Market Style years back. As I got to chatting with Jeni, I told her about my work for Chateau Sonoma (I handle quite a bit of their marketing, website, and social media) - she told me that she has been dying to meet Sarah Anderson, owner of Chateau Sonoma, for years. I suppose all of us French loving girls have formed a small little niche in California. Maybe we should start a club. :) I hope Maria (@dreamywhiteslifestyle) & Terry (@terrylittman) will be willing to join too! 

Found Vintage Rentals in California - vintage French goods for events & weddings |
Found Vintage Rentals in California - vintage French goods for events & weddings |
Found Vintage Rentals in California - vintage French goods for events & weddings |

But enough about that, let me tell you all about the warehouse and what Found Rentals is...

Jeni Maus started Found Rentals in 2010 in Southern California, and has since grown the company  into one of the most fabulous event rental companies in California. You know that when A Savvy Event, Allison Events, and most other top wedding planners are using their products, it's goooood stuff. 

Jeni travels the world to source beautiful antique tables, chairs, and other furniture for weddings and events. Although there are many vintage rental companies throughout California, Found products really stand out. When I hear "vintage rentals" I often think of ruffles and shabby chic style, but Found Rentals is quite the opposite. The vast selection of products is incredible - most are one-of-a-kind, but Jeni has had a few reproduced or reupholstered so that brides can have multiples for their wedding. 

Found Vintage Rentals in California - vintage French goods for events & weddings |
Found Vintage Rentals in California - vintage French goods for events & weddings |

Of course, you don't need to be getting married or throwing a party to enjoy Found - they also have an online retail shop called The Found Shop where you can purchase furnishings, textiles, and other handmade products. If I ever visit Fullerton, I will definitely be making a stop into the retail shop to see all of the products that aren't listed online! 

The new warehouse in Emeryville will cater to events in Northern California (including Tahoe!!!). The space is absolutely beautiful - if you are getting married or throwing a large party, it is worth stopping by to see. It is located right before the Bay Bridge in an industrial area of Emeryville. The warehouse fell into Jeni's lap after years of searching for the perfect location, and after months of remodeling, the Found team has turned it into an absolute dream space. I'll let the photos do the talking ;)... 

Jeni and her sweet pup Willie, the girls at Found said, "dogs and babies are always welcome."

Jeni and her sweet pup Willie, the girls at Found said, "dogs and babies are always welcome."

I was so excited to visit with friends old and new at the opening party. I have gotten to know quite a few people in the wedding and events industry in Northern California due to my friendship with Kelly Dolata from A Savvy Event. I had a chance to visit with Emarie from La Tavola, Carey from The Idea Emporium, and Jen from Sunset. I also finally got to meet my long time internet friend Jesse from Allison Events, the team from Park Winters, and many other virtual friends!

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about Found Rentals, I know I have enjoyed sharing the story of yet another ambitious woman in business. As always, thank you so much for stopping by! 

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This Week on the Ranch | No. 2

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"This Week on the Ranch" is a weekly series sharing snippets and stories from life on the range. 

I have talked about the cook house a little here & there, and I always seem to get questions about it. The term is well known around here, so it never occurs to me that some people might not know what a cook house is... The cook house is where everyone gathers for their meals on the ranch. This used to be the standard on all ranches; however, quite a few ranches have since gotten rid of their cook houses. Partially because they are pretty difficult to keep going - finding someone to cook giant meals twice a day can be quite a task. 


Our cook house is an old house right in the center of the ranch. I'd really like to renovate it someday soon. It needs a new ceiling, paint, etc... But for now, it is what it is. I really enjoy going up for 'dinner' in the afternoon because the homemade food is so delicious. Fresh bread, still warm from the oven, beef from the ranch, authentic rice & beans, and some sort of fresh dessert! 

This year, Greg's uncle decided that he really wanted a pizza oven in the cook house. He visited the Whole Foods in Reno and was blown away that he could order a fresh pizza with any sort of topping he wanted on it.

For you to fully understand how funny this is, I have to describe Rodney to you... He wears Levi's 501s not because they are cool, but because they are practical. Wire rimmed glasses, a beard (only in the winter for functionality), and cooks on a wood burning stove (because it's a luxury). He's never owned a TV, computer, or cell phone, and most would describe him as "eccentric". He's convinced that aluminum foil will give you aluminum poisoning, and he hasn't been to the doctor since he was a kid. He is firm in his viewpoints and very religious. A wonderful guy, but very, very quirky. 

He described Whole Foods like this, "I went in there, and they had the best salsa! Oh, and the pizza! I tipped my hat to the feller in the fruit aisle, and he didn't even say hello!"

Anyways, for him to have ventured into Whole Foods was very comical to me, I would have liked to be a fly on the wall. Still, he was very impressed with their pizza oven. And he is determined to recreate it in the cook house. 

So this week, on the ranch, we moved bricks. A lot of bricks. He's hired a mason to build the stove, but before he comes, all of the bricks had to be moved to their new location. We spent all morning on Monday loading the tractor and relocating the pallets of bricks that will become the pizza oven. We had fun riding on the front of the backhoe, and laughed about Rodney's wild ideas. 

Afterwards, we headed out to fix a fence that the steers had broken. The boys taught me how to pound a post into the ground and use clips to secure the barbed wire. It took me a few tries, but let me tell ya, by the end of the day I could put those clips on like nobody's business. 

I spent the rest of my week in San Francisco celebrating Jeni Maus of Found Vintage Rentals' new warehouse opening. I was so excited to have been invited by my friend Jen from Sunset Magazine to come to the opening to help spread the news. My sister was able to join me, so we turned the week into a full on girls' trip and toured around the city! We even got to stop by one of my favorite shops on the way home: Elsie Green! It was such a wonderful week, and I will share more about Found's new warehouse this week. 

I am back on the ranch, and have spent the day with my girlfriends and sister. She will be leaving tomorrow to go back to school and start a new job, which is great, but I will be missing her terribly! I hope you had a great week, and thank you so much for stopping by! 

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An Update on our Moody Foyer

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I have been a fan of deep, dark jewel tones for a long time. Actually, one of the first projects my dad and I ever worked on together in my house was simply painting our wood paneled foyer a deep eggplant color. His favorite color is purple, and he is also great at painting, so it was a win-win for us. 

Black entryway with shiplap walls • antique furniture |

During phase one of our remodel, which is just about wrapped up, we replaced the windows and doors in the living room and entryway. This included a new front door and new windows beside it. Our entryway houses original 60's wood paneling, but I decided that the texture was something I really wanted to keep - so we ended up simply painting the entire room. 

We also added a thick 7" baseboard, and a chunky crown molding from Metrie. Selecting the paint was enough to send me over the edge. I have told you about my love affair with Bistro White enough times to make your head spin, but I'm not sure if you remember that I didn't even test it before we slapped it onto our walls? I am not one to be fussy about paint, really, I don't think it makes much sense to pull your hair out over. However, selecting the paint for our foyer was a different story. 

I wanted something ultra chic and moody, but something that would also flow with the rest of the house. I ended up selecting black (much to my dad's avail, he isn't a fan of black or white). But picking out the right black was harder than picking out a solid white. 

We ended up going with Midnight Stroll. I wasn't sold on the color even when they were painting the room, because I wasn't sure if it was going to be dark enough (#drama), but we had already bought the paint, and the guys were already painting, so I distracted myself with weeding and hoped for the best. The results were fantastic and exceeded my expectations. The color is the perfect depth, and I am so happy with it. 

One thing I might mention to you about black paint: it's like a black car. Fingerprints, smudges, dust, dirt, etc... are prevalent. I don't even have children yet, and I find myself wiping this room down constantly. It doesn't really bother me, because I enjoy looking at all the beautiful molding, but if you have small kids rubbing their hands up and down walls all day, you might want to get rid of them before you paint your foyer black. 

before & after

Primarily shown is the new front door, windows, paint, and moldings. 

White farmhouse entryway "before" - you have to see the after! |
Black entryway with shiplap walls • antique furniture |

Something else I haven't mentioned, is that all of the furniture in our foyer was found in a storage unit in our backyard. The chairs, the table, and the mirror were covered in dust and pigeon poop - since I didn't have anything to put in this room, we cleaned everything up, and here it has sat since we moved in. Eventually, I think I'd like to get a nice bench with hooks; however, my furniture budget is a big goose egg at the moment, so I am making what I found work. 

Black entryway with shiplap walls • antique furniture |

I happen to really love the gilt mirror in this space, it adds so much drama to the black walls. If I ever replace the table with a bench, I think I will leave the mirror there. I also want to mention the small piece of artwork hanging above the rubber boots... While we were renovating the kitchen, I decided to frame the "Likely Phone Book" which had been taped to the inside of a cabinet above the phone for years and years. Greg's grandmother added to it and edited it over the years, and her handwriting all over the page is so special. Most of the numbers are only 4 digits, and still to this day, people will recite another's phone number by saying that last four digits rather than all seven. 

I think a meaningful piece of art like this adds so much soul to a space, and is much more meaningful than a cheap painting from Homegoods. If, like me, you are pinching pennies when it comes to decorating, you can always find ways to add something special to a room just by looking around your house and sourcing something seemingly a page from the phonebook with handwriting on it. ;)

Black entryway with shiplap walls • antique furniture |
Black entryway with shiplap walls • antique furniture |

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our new moody foyer - the black paint is well loved and the perfect shade!

As always, thank you for stopping by! 

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