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A French Country Inspired Dining Room | ORC Week 3

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Hi friends! How are you this week? I know some of you are designing spaces as well - leave me a link in the comments so I can visit you to see your progress! Today marks week 3 of the One Room Challenge and everything I have ordered from various vendors and shops is beginning to arrive. I have loved seeing all of the pieces together as what I've envisioned comes to life. If you're new to the ORC, it is a 6 week series sharing the transformation of a single room, start with Week 1 >> here

We are currently waiting on curtains which are being provided by TonicLiving. Since these are being custom made, they won't be installed until the last minute. I will share more about them next week when I can post photos of the fabric options. Just waiting on those to arrive. Since the view out of the west window is one of the main focal points of the room, the custom curtains are going to be a game changer. 

I am also still waiting on the rug to arrive, I can't wait to see it alongside the paint - to see the blue and pink tones play off of each other. Lastly, I've got a few beautiful prints on order, but they are being framed by SimplyFramed, and like the curtains, won't be here until the last minute. 

But enough about what isn't here, let's talk about what is here, because there's an elephant in the room that I think I should address. 

The light fixtures...

Iron Light Fixture Dining Room One Room Challenge |

Okay, they are incredible. They are from LampsPlus, and really, they are beyond beautiful, and exactly what I envisioned except for one tiny little detail: their size.

They. Are. Huge.

Initially I had envisioned three fixtures hanging above the table. After opening the boxes up, this will clearly not be possible as they would completely take over the entire room like little lantern monsters. In fact, I'm considering swapping them out for something else, but I'd love your opinion...

It is possible to keep two of them and hang them on either end of the table. They will definitely be a statement; however, I think the room is large enough to accommodate them. Keep in mind, the room is 22 feet long, and the dining table is nearly 14 feet long. I have opted out of placing any additional furniture in this room aside from the table, chairs, and open shelf along the north wall. These lights would really be the only dramatic piece in the room (well, except for the pink paint and 22 foot long open shelf... :O). 

Since they are open and airy, I don't think these lights would be "too much", in fact I think they could read "cool statement piece"; however, it is also possible for me to return them and select something else. I'd be pushing it for time, but I think I could make it work.

Light fixtures, for some reason, are the biggest challenge for me whenever I am designing a room. It's sort of like the menu at Cheesecake Factory - there's just too many options. Selecting these fixtures took me days, and I feel like I've exhausted my search efforts. These are the perfect design for what I want the space to look like, just a little bigger than expected, 20 1/4" looks a lot bigger in person than it did when I measured.

Maybe they are perfect, and I'm just surprised by their size, thus thinking they aren't perfect? I'm not sure, I'm going to give myself a few days with them, sitting on the table, before I make my decision, but I am leaning towards: cool statement piece rather than box up and return

Now, if I do decide to go with these two fixtures rather than the three I initially pictured, I am going to have to have our contractor come out to patch the existing wiring placement (which he installed for me only a few months ago), because it is in the center of the room. We will need to then add two new wiring outlets for the lights to hang on either end of the table. This isn't all that big of a deal, but something to keep in mind. 

And now we wait...

I am feeling a little bit of pressure to get everything wrapped up in time after glancing at my calendar this morning. Finding man power out here isn't always easy, so I'm on a waiting list for paint work, light install (giving me time to decide), trim paint and installation, and open shelf installation. Really, this work won't take very long, but I'm hoping that I'm not waiting until the last week to tie these up, because that just might give me reason to panic.

I also wanted to share a few photos of a couple of the decor pieces I've sourced so far (you can click on the photos to enlarge them). I found this incredible basket at a shop in Reno called Rock Farm, I picked up a few topiary plants while I was there too. As much as I love terra-cotta, I will swap out their containers for something with more gray tones.

The linen pillows and napkins from Pom Pom at Home arrived this week as well, and what a difference swapping out the pillows on the chairs made! The chairs came with a tiny little lumbar pillow, and the simple swap adds so much to them. I initially thought I'd stick with all navy tones for the accessories, but I decided to throw in different shades of blues and grays, and I am so happy with them. I am such a sucker for high end linen, and these are incredible! 

PS: I just got a shipping notification for the rug, can't wait to share photos next week! 

dining room game plan

custom curtains - TonicLiving

an extra long dining table for the whole crew - existing

pink paint - Farrow and Ball (next week!)

open shelving with lots of glassware, beautiful accessories, and artwork - on the hunt for wood!

oversized vintage rug - Hayneedle

crown molding - Metrie

a series of light fixtures - LampsPlus

custom artwork - Jenny's Print Shop & Simply Framed 

linen textiles - Pom Pom at Home

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Shopping for French Antiques at High Point Market

Chloe | Boxwood Ave.Comment

Shopping for French antiques at High Point Market. Traveling to North Carolina to source antique goods from all over the world for Chateau Sonoma

French Antique Shopping at High Point Market |

I want to start off by saying, this week was a bit of a mix of emotions - part of me excited to visit High Point Market, but most of me was so very sad, worried, and concerned about all of my friends in Sonoma. 

Over the past couple of years, I have carved a little piece of my heart out for Sonoma. I was welcomed with open arms by so. many. businesswomen in the area. I was mentored and supported in ways that I didn't know was possible to be by other women. 

I currently work for Chateau Sonoma and also helped A Savvy Event start A Savvy Lifestyle. Many of my best memories are on the Sonoma square. Just thinking about all that they have been through this week brings tears to my eyes.

I woke up Monday morning to a text from Sarah, owner of Chateau Sonoma. She said there was a fire in Sonoma and there may be evacuations, but that I could still go to North Carolina, and she would try to make it out the following day. I don't think anyone realized the severity of the fires at this point. 

So I headed to High Point, North Carolina, picked up my rental car and planned to go to the market the following morning. 

Unfortunately, it was that night that we all became aware of just how bad these fires were. They weren't going to be put out anytime soon, and overnight, thousands of people's lives had been changed. I felt a bit weird traveling and shopping for the store while so many were being displaced from their homes, but I was there nonetheless, so I figured I'd make the best of it and purchase as many beautiful things that I could find. I guess there's always beauty to be found even in the darkest of times. 

I was equipped with my market pass and a good night's sleep, but I was a bit nervous because I had never been on a buying trip before, and I wasn't exactly sure what Sarah was looking for for the store. She gave me a list of antique shops to visit, but that was about it. I didn't want to be too bothersome by calling her constantly, so I put on my big girl pants and began to shop. 

The market had not yet fully commenced, but we purposefully planned an early visit so that we could shop the antiques before the masses got there. My first stop was at a place called Golden Oldies. It was a warehouse full of wonder. Hundreds of dough bowls. Furnishings old and new. Garden fixtures. Fire pits. Antiques from all over the world, all compiled in one ginormous building. I was completely overwhelmed at first, but after a few hours, I hit my stride. 

French Antique Shopping at High Point Market |
French Antique Shopping at High Point Market |

I began marking things as sold: giant iron fire pits, dolly tubs (which I learned were named this because English women used to be referred to as dolly's, and these bins were used for the laundry), dough bowls with mirrors placed inside, coffee tables, and so much more. The folks at Golden Oldies were New Yorkers with a casual attitude. There was nothing yuppy about them, and they took great care of me. They showed me so much kindness, and I am thankful for that, especially because I truly felt like a country bumpkin displaced from her farm. 

I was lucky enough to purchase a few things for myself as well: beautiful vintage bells for Christmas, a few dough bowls, a giant metal cup rack, among other things.

The following day I visited a place called Schwung Home which was absolutely incredible. Unlike Golden Oldies which was a pure treasure hunt, this place was designed like a fine furniture store, but filled with antiques. In the center of the warehouse, there was a bar where you could sit and work, enjoy champagne or café, and munch on fresh French fare. It was a delight because there is seemingly nowhere to eat in High Point (I found one Starbucks the entire time I was there). 

I was able to FaceTime with Sarah while I was there, and we walked through the store together. I felt like she was right there with me, and now I had the hang of tagging and pulling items for the shop. We picked up beautiful vintage leather coffee tables and benches, a lovely dining table, a series of amazing light fixtures, and lots more. I can't wait for it to be delivered to the shop! 

I made it home the next afternoon, and I was so thankful for the opportunity to buy for the store and visit the market. I would love to open a shop someday, so to be able to learn from Sarah was invaluable. I just got news that the fires in Sonoma are now contained, although it will be awhile before they are out, to know they aren't growing any more is very comforting. If you would like to help the victims of the fire, here is a link to donate, also please visit this webpage for more donation options (non-monetary), as well as volunteer information. 

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A French Country Inspired Dining Room | ORC Week 2

interiorsChloe | Boxwood Ave.14 Comments

Hello my friends! How is your week going?? I'm here for week 2 of the One Room Challenge, sharing a few more design details about the room.  Last week I very briefly mentioned (so briefly that you may have missed it) that we will be painting this room pink. You also may be reading this thinking I am crazy. It's okay, I don't blame you. When I told my sister I was painting my dining room pink, her eyes got really big, and she shook her head in silence. 

Don't leave me yet...I can explain. 

I was excited to see Farrow and Ball on the list of sponsors for the One Room Challenge. I have been dying to use their paint, but it really wasn't in our budget during our kitchen remodel. Since we painted the entire house, we ended up using 3, five gallon buckets of white paint so Farrow and Ball remained a dream. 

If you're hearing of Farrow and Ball for the first time, it is a luxurious paint line made in England, and is known for it's chalky finish (called: estate emulsion). The color line is absolutely beautiful, and you really can't go wrong. My friend Maria (@dreamywhiteslifestyle) has used F&B throughout her home, and it is absolutely stunning! So you can see why I was excited to be able to test the paint out...says the girl who "isn't picky about paint". 

I browsed through their paint colors and was immediately drawn to Peignoir. I ordered a sample pot along with a few other neutral (safe) colors. When they arrived, I tested them out in the afternoon light and Peignoir was as beautiful in person as it was on my computer screen. So I went for it: pink paint, for a pink dining room. 

I hope you don't still think I'm nuts. Hey, I could hate it in the end...but I could love it. It's absolutely a risk; however, it's one room, and at the end of the day, paint is an easy, albeit time consuming, fix. So I'm going out on a girly ledge and dousing our dining room with Farrow and Ball's Peignoir. 

Farrow and Ball "Peignoir" |

To compliment the dusty pink paint color, I am going to add lots of gray, white, and blue into the design through textiles and accessories. I'll be keeping the curtains a simple gray linen, although I'll tell you I was very tempted to go with this pattern. I am thrilled to be working with Tonic Living on the curtains. Having custom curtains for this space will completely transform it. We will be using the Tuscany Linen in Prism with a pencil pleat, and to say I am excited about it is really an understatement. 

I also finally decided on a rug for the space. I was debating over this rug from Annie Selke or this rug from Hayneedle. I decided to go with the Hayneedle option because I love the antique detail. Although I love how simple the Selke rug is, I think I will enjoy the details of the Hayneedle rug in the space. 

Since I went with a more detailed rug, I opted for an open and airy light fixture from Lamps Plus. I think the industrial design of the fixture will help balance out the pink paint and antique rug. 

Lastly, I wanted to quickly touch base about the open shelving I mentioned last week. I plan on adding one looooong open shelf along the 22' wall without windows. Rather than having a typical buffet or side board, this shelf will serve as an area to hold tabletop necessities and art. I plan on sourcing the wood from the ranch junk yard, and hope to be able to match it to the shelving that lives in our kitchen! 

At the moment, I am finalizing this post from High Point North Carolina. I am on a buying trip for Chateau Sonoma and have had so much fun purchasing all the antiques. I selected a few beautiful pieces for the dining room, and hope they arrive in time for the reveal! Take a peek below to see the finalized design board of the space! I hope you are having a great week, and I can't wait to get home and show you the room once it is painted!!! Until then, be sure to follow along on Instagram!

French Country Dining Room Inspiration

design rug 2.jpg

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