French Crepe Recipe

Looking for a delicious, authentic, and easy French crepe recipe? This family recipe will become a Sunday morning favorite! Use this French crepe recipe for savory or sweet crepes to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

A delicious French crepe recipe for savory or sweet crepes |

Crepes are one of life’s little pleasures! These delicious french pancakes can be served for any meal of the day and are wonderful as a sweet treat or served as a savory dish! My family is French, and I love finding ways to celebrate my heritage.

My aunt has always been wonderful in teaching my sister and I the French ways of living. Her crepe recipe is one that we always enjoy.

One of my favorite crepe recipes is a chicken dish served with onions and cream sauce, basically a French enchilada! I also love sweet crepes filled with chocolate & bananas or simply dusted with cinnamon and sugar!

We recently made crepes during my aunt & uncle’s new year visit, so I thought I would photograph them and take down the recipe to share with you! I hope you enjoy making these crepes with those that you love, they are a wonderful celebratory dish that allows everyone to get creative!

A delicious French crepe recipe for savory or sweet crepes |


What are crepes?

Crepes are thin pancakes enjoyed as a delicious dessert or made into a savory meal! The recipe originated in Brittany, made with buckwheat flour, water, and a pinch of salt. The batter was cooked on a hot pan and filled with whatever could be found seasonally. Now, many crepe recipes call for white flour, but buckwheat flour is still a common ingredient (especially in savory variations). The technique spread throughout France and is now enjoyed all over the world!

Crepes are a significant piece of French history and are even recognized on February 2nd with an entire day dedicated to them called le jour des crêpes (the day of the crepes).

Can crepes be frozen?

Yes! If you’d like to freeze crepes, allow them to cool, then layer them between pieces of parchment paper. Place the crepes in a sealed tight ziplock bag. Will last a month or two. To thaw, place in the fridge overnight. Reheat on a hot pan or in the microwave (similar to a tortilla!).

A delicious French crepe recipe for savory or sweet crepes |

Can crepes be made ahead?

Good news - you can make crepes ahead of time! Layer cooled crepes with parchment paper to prevent sticking. Seal in a ziplock or Tupperware, and refrigerate - will last 3-5 days.

Can crepes be served cold?

Oh yes, you can absolutely serve crepes cold. I prefer them when they are hot, but these little pancakes can be enjoyed cold as well. If serving cold, fresh fruit and yogurt would be a great way to enjoy them!

Can I make crepes without milk?

Technically, you can make crepes with water rather than milk; however, they will not be as rich. The original crepe recipe found in Brittany, France contained only water. It was a quick and inexpensive meal to prepare. I suggest using milk for best results. If you have a milk allergy, you can use almond or coconut milk rather than cow’s milk.

How long will crepes keep in the fridge?

Crepes will last 3-5 days in the fridge. See above for tips if you’re making ahead crepes!

Do crepes have gluten?

Savory crepes are often made with buckwheat flour rather than white flour. Buckwheat flour is gluten free and is a good option for those with a gluten intolerance. Simply swap white flour for buckwheat flour to enjoy gluten free crepes!


If your crepes are turning out rubbery there are a few possibilities. 1. Most likely…your pan is not hot enough, and you are cooking the crepes too slowly. Raise the temperature and cook for a shorter amount of time. They should be ready to flip in less than 60 seconds. Which leads me to…2. You may be flipping too quickly. You want to see small golden brown circles on the crepe when you flip it. If you don’t see that, let it cook longer. 3. You are not refrigerating the batter overnight. The gluten from the flour needs a rest, at least for a few hours, but ideally overnight. 4. You are over-mixing the batter (this is unlikely), but is possible. 5. You are adding too much batter to the pan. Crepes are intentionally incredibly thin, if you pour too much batter into the pan, the crepe will be too thick and can become rubbery.

A delicious French crepe recipe for savory or sweet crepes |

Best Crepe Fillings


Cinnamon & Sugar Crepes (my favorite)

Chocolate & Bananas Crepes

Nutella Crepes

Chocolate & Berries Crepes

Lemon & Sugar Crepes

berries & whipped cream Crepes

Simply Powdered Sugar Crepes

Yogurt & Granola Crepes

apples & caramel sauce Crepes

Crepes Suzette


spinach, bacon, and cream sauce Crepes

cream cheese & veggies Crepes

Diced ham & cheese Crepes

asparagus & cheese

cheese, onions & mushrooms Crepes

Shredded Chicken, Onion, Cream Sauce, Parmesan Crepes

A delicious French crepe recipe for savory or sweet crepes |

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French Crepe Recipe
This authentic French crepe recipe is easy and delicious!
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
• In a medium mixing bowl gently scramble the eggs. Add milk to the eggs, and whisk. Add a pinch of salt.• Sift the flour into the mixture, whisking as you add. Once the flour is mixed in, stir in 2 tablespoons melted butter.• Cover and refrigerate overnight.• Remove from the fridge and whisk the batter as it will have separated a bit from sitting overnight.• Check the consistency of your batter - it should resemble half & half. If it is too thick, add a splash more milk and a dash of canola oil as needed, until you have reached the desired consistency. This is an eyeball measurement system. You want it to be thicker than non-fat milk, but not as thick as pancake batter.• Use your best non-stick frying pan to cook the crepes. Over medium/high heat, add a very small amount of canola oil to the frying pan, allowing it to get glossy. Then swirl the pan around so that the oil evenly coats the surface of the pan. Use a paper towel to wipe away excess oil. • Pour 1/4 cup batter onto the hot pan, tilt the pan around in a circular motion so that the batter spreads evenly in a very thin layer.• Cook on medium high heat for 45-60 seconds. It is ready to flip once the edges begin to curl and small golden circles appear on the cooked side of the crepe. Flip, and cook for an additional 30-60 seconds (until golden). Remove and cover until all of the batter is cooked. Makes about 12, 8" crepes.