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Laundry Room Renovation | Week One

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I enjoyed sharing the process of our dining room during the One Room Challenge this fall so much that I thought I'd share a similar series as we renovate our laundry room. It's always fun to see a space from start to finish, and I love being able to share my ideas with you! 

We didn't have plans to remodel our laundry room, but my friends at The Home Depot approached me about working together on a "clean sweep" campaign for spring. How could I say no? 

So here we go...less than 30 days to remodel a laundry room. I was lucky to find an awesome contractor available to help us from demo to finish. We also have a really great tile guy who will be helping us with the backsplash and flooring. 

Our home was built in the 60s and when we moved in, it hadn't been touched. The linoleum, pink bathrooms, and wood paneling was all original. While some love mid-century modern, I do not. Over the past year, we have remodeled our kitchen, dining room, entryway, and guest bathroom. It's nice to have those big projects wrapped up so that I can focus on smaller projects entirely. 

I have worked with Home Depot quite a bit in the past, and I really love any opportunity I get to partner with them. They always allow creative freedom which is really nice because I know I won't have to compromise my designs. So needless to say, I'm very excited about this project...


farmhouse laundry room DEsign plan

Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Plan from

So let me tell you about our laundry room... 

It is really, quite large. It has a beautiful window that looks out over the apple trees. It has loads of storage and cabinets, and even has a "drip dry closet". I have always envisioned a door where the window is because it leads right out to the apple trees. I spend so much time outside under the trees, and out with the goats, that a door here makes much more sense than a window. 

I also knew I wanted to remove the drip dry closet, while it's definitely unique, it's similar to the indoor BBQ...not functional any longer. Aside from those two structural elements, the rest of this room will all be cosmetic updates: adding crown molding, new flooring, base boards, cabinets, countertops, and backsplash. 

Once the room is finished, I hope to have an area where I can not only do the laundry, but also wash fruits and veggies from the garden as well as prep flowers. 

Home Depot has so kindly provided me with cabinets, countertops, Kohler products (sinkfaucet), hardware, a washer and dryer, and a new vacuum. I am feeling incredibly grateful. Our current washer and dryer is hanging on by a thread. The washing machine sounds like a rocket ship, whenever someone comes over while it is running they ask, "What in the world is that noise?"

The lid is also broken - even after replacing it, it does not stay open, so I prop it up each time I do the wash, plus the lid-lock latch completely broke off, so we have to jam a little piece of plastic in each load to trick the washer into thinking the lid is locked. Even with all of that said, I am very grateful to have a laundry room, and a washer and dryer at all, but I am so excited to have a brand new washing machine that works! 

before photos

While designing this space, I wanted to push myself a little bit out of my normal "white" comfort zone. Rather than selecting white shaker cabinets, I chose a beautiful gray, and to keep the cool tones present throughout the room, I'll be using aged nickel hardware and black and white accents. 

I visited the Home Depot the last time I went to Reno to select a countertop. I had heard all about Quartz countertops, but I have yet to use them in our home. After doing a little bit of research, it seems that Silestone Quartz is a designer favorite. I have selected the Statuario color because it is a nice bright white color with minimal veins - I wanted to keep the color as light as possible since we will be installing in black slate tile

Speaking of, it was a tough decision as to what I should install for flooring. I like a nice bright space, but the classic style of slate really sucked me in. I think it will tie the white counters and gray cabinets together really well. Once I decided on slate, I then couldn't decide if I should opt for herringbone flooring or a more traditional stacked pattern. Ultimately, I chose the traditional route. While I love herringbone, it didn't feel right for this room which I want to look very minimal and clean. 

It seems that I have something against upper cabinets because once again, I have decided to skip them. The laundry room is 130 SF, so we will have sufficient storage without the upper cabinets. However, I wanted to keep the room interesting, so we will be installing vertical paneling on the walls as well as a counter to ceiling backsplash on the main wall. To say I am excited about the backsplash is an understatement. I splurged on Clé tile, and I cannot wait to have those little terra-cotta beauties in my hands! I selected the color "rice paper" because I loved the gray and green undertones (I did not care for the subtle pinks of their "weathered white").

Finally the light fixtures...I learned my lesson during the one room challenge to check, double check, and then triple check the sizing. Photos online can be deceiving! I am so glad I did because the lighting I initially wanted would have been much too large for the wall. We spent a good hour mulling over placement and style, and in the end I selected these classic farmhouse style sconces from RH to be placed above an open shelf on the main wall. 

That sums it up for week one...we have finished demo, and now our contractor is wrapping up plumbing and electrical! Next week we will begin to put it all together, and we are hoping to have everything wrapped up by the first week of February. I hope you enjoy following along as this room comes to life. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit me today, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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Our White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

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This post is in collaboration with SOLLiD Cabinetry and Space Home Outfitters. 

White Farmhouse Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets French Farmhouse Kitchen |

The most common questions I receive about our home, are regarding our kitchen cabinets. Where are they from? What color paint did you use? Do you like them? Well, today I am going to break down every last little bit of our cabinets for you!

When we first started remodeling, I was put in contact with Rob from SOLLiD Cabinetry. I had initially planned on using Ikea cabinets because of their ease of install, design, etc... I figured we could go the SemiHandmade route - I mean Studio McGee does it - so why wouldn't we? 

One of my neighbors installed Ikea cabinets in her mudroom, and they are beautiful; however, you can tell by feeling them, that they aren't *custom made cabinets*. 

So, I started working with Rob in depth to use SOLLiD in our kitchen, and just like that we were no longer using Ikea. Rob put me in touch with Sandra from a company called Space Home Outfitters. She is based in Arizona, but helped me virtually layout our kitchen. I sent her over some drawings and measurements, and like magic, she provided me with professional mock-ups of our kitchen with SOLLiD cabinets. 

I remember thinking back to my initial plan of using Ikea, and being so much happier with the customization and quality of SOLLiD and working with Sandra.

If you are designing a kitchen, especially your own, you know how nerve wracking each selection is. It reminded me of planning my wedding. Everything seemed like such a big decision. Am I going to like my dishwasher on the left hand side? Will I regret not going with uppers? What if I hate the small drawers?

During what I call "the second guessing stage" of the design, I had a small moment of panic and thought, "Oh my God, my kitchen is going to be a white hole and look like a hospital." So I asked SOLLiD if they would be able to paint the cabinets a custom color? 

The good news is that the answer is yes - SOLLiD will custom paint cabinets for you, the bad news is that it is more expensive. The expense talked me off the edge, and we opted for their standard white cabinets...which we love. I am so happy we didn't end up going with the custom gray color that I had seriously considered. Although SOLLiD does have a few gray options that come standard if you are interested. 

The cabinets took about a month to arrive because we ordered custom sizing (our breakfast bar drawers are only about 12" deep to allow for leg room on the opposite side), but generally the Value Series cabinets are ready to go in 12-14 business days, which is a huge bonus if you are looking for high-quality wood, affordable, custom cabinets quickly. 

White Farmhouse Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets and La Cornue Stove |
White Farmhouse Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets |

We decided to forgo upper cabinets in our kitchen, and stick solely with a few open shelves. There was one night when my husband realized this and had a full on panic thinking we wouldn't have enough space in the kitchen to keep our things. He insisted that I order uppers, but I held my ground, and I am happy I did because we actually have a few empty drawers in our kitchen. I tell you this in case you are worried that skipping upper cabinets will leave you without enough space in your kitchen. We have more than enough room to house everything, and then some. 

You'll notice that we used mostly drawers in the kitchen. I think we only have 2-3 true cabinets. I am so happy we did this. It makes everything accessible at all times, and nothing is shoved to the back and hidden. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, the one true cabinet we do have in our kitchen is the space that gets used the least. I wish I would have added more drawers there so that I could use up every inch of the kitchen. 

When the cabinets arrived it was amazing to see the space finally come together, after months and months of planning. The cabinets fit perfectly, and looked beautiful, even without the countertops installed

Sandra and SOLLiD worked with me to provide Rev-A-Shelf products to insert into the cabinets. We have a double layer utensil drawer which we love love love! We also have a double trash can hidden next to our sink, a cookie sheet holder, wood lazy susans in our corner cabinets, and spice/utensil inserts. When Rob at SOLLiD told me about Rev-a-Shelf, I had no idea just how much we would want and need their products in the kitchen, they add so much, and I couldn't recommend them more.  

White Farmhouse Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets |

I get asked quite a bit if we like the shaker style cabinets, and if they are easy to clean? Yes! I love the style, and they are very easy to wipe down and clean. Even though they are white, I don't notice them becoming overly dirty, and whenever I see finger prints or food, I only have to use a sponge to wipe them down. 

I also get asked if I like the color. I talked a little bit about the color above, but yes, we do really love the color. Our walls are painted Bistro White by Valspar, and they look beautiful along with the color of the cabinets. PS: Our stove is the "ivory" LaCornue, in case you were wondering. 

If you have any questions that I didn't touch on in this post, please don't hesitate to ask! I am happy to answer, because I remember what it was like making these decisions! My best advice is to stay true to what you love, even if that means having a big ol' white kitchen. 

Thank you so much to SOLLiD Cabinetry for working with me on this project, and a big thanks to Sandra at Space Home Outfitters for her help with the details of the space!

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