Free Candy Wrapper Download

Before we moved up to the ranch, I was a Halloween enthusiast.  Not that I particularly like the underlying themes behind Halloween, but I LOOOVE decorating for it.  To me, it symbolizes the start of the changing seasons and upcoming holidays.  Not to brag or anything, but I did win best Halloween decorations 2 years in a row - just saying.  Anyways it's a bit of a drag up here, because our driveway is a mile long which means: even if I did go all out, no one would see it.  Also we are expecting to get approximately: zero trick-or-treaters.  

I've cooked up a little something for all of you out there who still have the pleasure of tricking and treating.  These cute little candy wrappers will disguise the not so pretty packaging of the treats you'll be passing out.  

Chic Treats: free download from Boxwood Avenue
Chic Treats: free download from Boxwood Avenue

Some tips:

  • Wait awhile before assembling after you've printed, that way you don't smudge the black ink and leave fingerprints. 
  • Use a slide cutter thing (that's probably not the proper term...) to cut straight lines, skip using scissors.  
  • Cut two or three at a time.
  • Use double stick tape for a pretty backside (this is me being funny). 

Click the links below to download the files (when you print be sure the scale is set to 100% not 150% or 160%):  

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