Use fresh rosemary to infuse this cranberry & gin cocktail for your holiday parties this year!

During the holidays, I love to enjoy a cocktail while I cook. I have become quite fond of gin over the past couple of years, especially Uncle Val’s botanical gin. It’s truly the best gin I’ve ever had. 

After making a batch of both cranberry sauce as well as rosemary simple syrup, I thought it only natural to combine the two with a little gin. This recipe is a bit herbal rather than being bright and refreshing, but I think it is the perfect cocktail during the holidays. 

Cranberry Gin Cocktail with Rosemary Simple Syrup

Serves 2


In a shaker, combine simple syrup, cranberry sauce, and gin. Shake well over ice. 

Divide into two glasses, and top with club soda. Garnish with a pine needle stir stick, and enjoy!

If cranberry sauce is out of season, you can substitute any type of jelly.

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