Derby Day Party inspiration – a delicious classic: the mint julep!

I’m not a whiskey drinker – but there are some things that are just sacred. Such as: the Mint Julep.

Derby Day wouldn’t be the same without a mint julep in hand, so today for #ToastingFromAfar that’s just what we’ve got on the menu.

Fresh mint is the key ingredient of this cocktail – and I say, the more the bettah. We’ve got mint growing out our ears at our house, and I am always able to put it to good use with my affinity for mojitos. I guess it’s only fair to give the mint a chance to shine in another drink.

Use high quality bourbon and fresh mint, and you’ll have a crowd pleasing cocktail to serve at your derby party. If you’re throwing a fête of your own, I hope you’ll enjoy my other derby day ideas!

The Classic Mint Julep


  • 2 oz. high quality bourbon
  • 1 t. (or more if you like it sweet) confectioner’s sugar
  • Lotsa mint
  • Crushed Ice
  • Club Soda (1-2 oz, to taste)

Muddle mint & sugar together. Top with crushed ice & bourbon. Finish with a splash of club soda.

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  1. I have a huge mint plant and always thinking of new ways I can use it up. Now if only I could DRINK (pregnant – ugh). ;) I have to save this recipe – my hubby would love it. Your photos are so gorgeous!