We moved into our ranch style home in 2014; however, it was built in 1964 and hadn't been touched since the final nail went in! The house was filled with every retro design cliché you can imagine: faux pebble linoleum, shiny wood paneling on the walls, orange wooden cabinets, and even a built-in blender. 

We lived in our home for a few years before beginning a remodel of the main living spaces, and I am grateful for that time where we really got to know the house and how we would live in it. It allowed me to figure out exactly how I wanted to change things. 

Since then, we have removed the old carpet and linoleum, added baseboards, painted, and completely remodeled the kitchen & living room. We have also updated the guest space, laundry room, and dining room. 

I have absolutely loved getting to design this house! My style is a mix of modern and vintage farmhouse, which has been a fun balance to create! I hope that by sharing my experiences, sources, and lessons learned you will be inspired to renovate your home to better suit your family!


Take a tour through our home for Farmhouse Design inspiration. 

Farmhouse style laundry room with vintage french decor | boxwoodavenue.com

Laundry Room

Our laundry room blends modern design elements with a little French country decor to create the perfect place to complete chores.

Dining Room

The dining room boasts pink walls with pops of blue and lots of vintage farmhouse decor. The oversized lights add just the right amount of drama!

Wood paneled entryway black painted walls | boxwoodavenue.com

Paneled mudroom

If you have wood paneling in your home, I hope to inspire you to paint it a dramatic color like our French country entryway!

Modern farmhouse kitchen design with concrete countertops | boxwoodavenue.com

our kitchen

With concrete countertops and a French range, I hope you will be inspired by our modern farmhouse kitchen!

Woven baskets with tassels organizing in the kitchen

Favorite farmhouse interiors shops

A list of some of my favorite sources for buying modern farmhouse decor. With links to lighting, rugs, and flooring too!

Updated 60s bathroom to modern marble and brass with lots of white and vertical wood paneling!

We turned this 60s bathroom into a beautiful marble & brass retreat for our guests.