Jenni Kayne sweaters are popular for good reason: they are high quality, chic, and versatile! In this post I’m breaking down my very favorite Jenni Kayne sweaters and sharing a few tips and tricks for creating your Jenni Kayne collection.

From season to season and place to place, Jenni Kayne sweaters are perfect for layering, or for bringing together the outfit.

Known for their classic nature, you will love how timeless and versatile these investment pieces are. The brand is known for having staple items such as the cocoon cardi, the everyday sweater, and of course their fisherman sweater.

When considering which Jenni Kayne sweater to purchase, there are many factors to consider such as fit, material, knit style, and color.

Over the years, I have invested in and been gifted hundreds of their sweaters – so I’ve had my fair share or wearing and testing!

There are a few that have a permanent place in my closet and that I would never travel without, and of course, a few I would skip. In this post, I’m sharing all of the details to help you narrow down which option is best for you!

My size is generally a small or a 4, with a size 38 shoe. I am 5’7″ and weigh approximately 130 pounds.

Best for Layering

When layering, it’s ideal to opt for a lightweight sweater that can be popped over a tee, tank, or dress.

These sweaters are cozy and keep you warm without adding bulk. I love layering these over dresses, and for summer nights draped over shoulders to keep away the chill.

When layering, I purchase TTS sweaters as JK tends to run a little small.

Best for Travel

Whenever I am traveling, I prefer a looser, more flowy sweater. Below are my go-to choices from the airport to my final destination.

I never regret having one of these to keep me cozy once the AC kicks on on the plane. These pair so perfectly with trousers, jeans, and a good pair of tennies! Eary for traveling or errand days.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite from the below as I truly love each one. I think the option I wear the most is the quarter zip or the cardigan which is super versatile and cozy!

I order these sweaters TTS – they run a little big, intentionally.

Best for Season to Season

Dressing for the in-between seasons can sometimes be a little tricky, but these make it so much easier! Cozy and always stylish, these three fits always make me feel instantly chic and appropriately dressed for the weather.

How Jenni Kayne Sweaters Fit

When investing in high quality clothing items like Jenni Kayne, you always want to make sure the fit will be just right.

Jenni Kayne sweaters generally fit true to size. They often note if a sweater is meant to be a bit larger or tighter based on the design. I almost always order a small, which is my usual size. Every so often, I intentionally size up to a medium for a more oversized fit.

Caring for Cashmere Sweaters


Caring for cashmere sweaters properly ensures that your investment will last for years to come. Be sure to always hand wash your sweaters in lukewarm water with a very mild detergent.

The key is to not twist or pull the sweater too much as it will pull and stretch the fibers and the shape will change. Once your sweater soaks for about thirty minutes, rinse in cold water until all the soap has rinsed out!

I also commonly send my sweaters into the dry cleaner’s. I do this for each sweater once or twice per season as most cashmere does not need to be washed all that often.


Once your sweater is washed, place your sweater on a dry towel and fold the sweater into the towel to ring out the sweater. Once the water is soaked up, reshape your sweater and lay flat to dry until ready to store again!


Pilling is common for cashmere sweaters, and I always use a sweater stone rather than a fabric shaver. Here is my favorite one!

I also tend to dry clean most of my JK sweaters and whenever I drop them off at the cleaners, I ask them to remove the pills. I don’t believe they charge extra for this, if they do, it’s minimal.

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