Take a peek at the design plan for our latest bathroom remodel: a black bathroom with wood vanity and gorgeous subway tile with splashes of marble!

Take a peek at the design plan for our latest bathroom remodel: a black bathroom with wood vanity and gorgeous subway tile with splashes of marble!

design by Studio McGee – Modern Lake House Project

Black Bathroom Design Plan

Last year when I began working on remodeling and design projects for clients, I discovered that it’s really what I love most. I love the challenge of seeing past the “before” and designing the “after” like this beautiful brick fireplace makeover and small bathroom renovation!

I love being able to come into a space and create function and beauty while finding solutions that weren’t previously seen. This process is rewarding and fun, and I am grateful to begin this process for a few new projects throughout the rest of the year.

We recently started demo on this family’s home, we will be remodeling three of their bathrooms and their laundry room. I want to show you the process along the way, starting with their guest bathroom design plan.

This bathroom is the guest bathroom located near their kitchen and will be the primary bathroom for anyone visiting or stopping by. Whereas a master bathroom is typically more serene and dreamy, a powder or guest bath provides a little more room for fun!

I have loved working with this family because they’ve been so flexible and trusting. They’ve really handed me the reins and let me have fun with the design, giving me a lot of creative control.

I am not sure where along the way we decided that this bathroom should be black, but we’ve run with it! Since it is a guest bath, and serves mostly as a powder bath, we felt comfortable opting for a dark paint color on the walls.

This black bathroom will be stunning once it is finished thanks to the millwork on the walls!

I love seeing a bold paint color in a home, especially black, but I think a dark color really packs the best punch when used on millwork.

There’s something so rich about a saturated color on beautiful paneling or shiplap. It’s the little details that really bring out the beauty of the color and create a well rounded design.

Millwork Tip: For more of a farmhouse or laid back look, run your shiplap horizontal. For a more traditional look, run your shiplap (wood paneling) vertical.

Black Bathroom Inspiration

Studio McGee’s beautiful design from their modern lake house project. I love the custom vanity made of marble with a floating wood shelf. The wallpaper is stunning and the vanity lights are truly show stoppers!

On the right, a Rejuvination design, shows off a beautiful wood vanity with cool undertones and patterned tile flooring.

Black Bathroom with Subway Tile

Shower Inspiration

By designing a black bathroom with white tile, we will keep the space from feeling overly dark! While we certainly could’ve opted for rich grays or dark tile, we’ve decided to go with a classic marble tile in the bathroom.

Since this bathroom doesn’t have a window to provide natural light, I wanted to balance out the dark room with something light and timeless. If you’re on a budget, a black bathroom with white subway tile is also a beautiful combination!

We will be going with 6×12 marble subway tile for the shower walls and 2” hexagon for the floors. I have used this marble in the past in my own home, and have been very happy with the quality and color of the marble.

I typically opt for honed marble rather than polished because it provides a matte look. While polished marble can be very beautiful, I think honed is a bit more contemporary.

If you use marble in your home, be sure to seal it with a high quality sealer! Read more about sealing marble.

After all of the tile work is completed, we will order the custom shower door which will be black framed to accent the black shower fixtures and walls!

Black Bathroom Plumbing Selections

The client really liked the look of a matte black shower system, and I think it will be beautiful in the shower in contrast to the marble tile.

By opting for black plumbing, we’ve kept things very contemporary. If you wanted to go for more of a traditional look, I would suggest brass plumbing fixtures with traditional lines.

In fact, the entire look of this bathroom would be completely different had we chosen more traditional plumbing and accessories!

Custom Wood Vanity for the Black Bathroom

Wood is one of my favorite materials to use in a design. Whether your style is very contemporary or very traditional, wood always looks good.

This black bathroom will be complete with a custom wood vanity stained in a matte light finish with cool undertones.

The vanity is made from white oak, which is one of the most beautiful woods to work with! If you’re hoping to use wood in a bathroom remodel, I suggest purchasing a high quality cabinet from a custom cabinet maker.

Of course you can find nice pre-made options from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, or Signature Hardware, but I really don’t suggest purchasing a wood grain vanity from a budget e-tailer. The wood finish is usually very cheap looking and I don’t think you’d be happy with it.

Sometimes it is nice to purchase a pre-made wood vanity because the countertop and sink are handled for you, which can save you time and money.

If you do opt for a pre-made vanity, look at the wood species (my favorite is oak) and if you can find something unfinished, that is great! Ask your painter to finish it for you. This gives you a chance to customize the stain to fit your exact design.

To put it into perspective, you’ll usually spend anywhere from $2000-$6000 on a custom vanity depending on wood species, size, and intricacy of the design. While this certainly in the budget for every room, this can be a great place to splurge, and save on other materials like tile and accessories.

Black Bathroom with Gold or Brass Details

To break up the black and to compliment the wood we’ve added gold (brass) accents throughout the space.

Black, wood, and gold are a beautiful combination and you really can’t go wrong with it!

I love this gold mirror which is the most beautiful shade of brass. I used it in my own guest bathroom remodel and in our last small bathroom remodel!

Above the mirror, we’ll be using the Clemente sconce from Visual Comfort, and to say I am excited, is an understatement!!! It is a beautiful light fixture with soft brass detailing and gorgeous lines!

Design Tip:

If going with a bold design Element, utilize timeless finishes to create a nice balance. This also easily allows you to update the space as styles change!

Lastly, we’ll be finishing off the bathroom with a mix of matte black and brass details.

We’ve opted for black handles on the wood vanity, and a black handle for the toilet (it’s all in the details!). In order to make the towel hooks pop against the black walls, we will be adding brass towel hooks, a towel ring, and toilet paper holder.

As I hit publish on this post, I am heading off to check the progress of this project! For details and updates, be sure to follow along on social media! I hope you enjoy seeing the finished product of this black bathroom design!

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  1. what company/brand is the black framed shower from? I’m having trouble finding thin black framed glass shower doors.

    1. Hi Krista! Typically you’d have something like this made to fit your shower / bath exactly. Just contact a local glass company, really it’s not all that expensive to have made!

  2. Can you tell me the dimensions of the shower? We are looking to renovate our bathroom and we are trying to determine how large the shower needs to be. That looks like a nice size

  3. Wondering what the shower dimensions are? We are starting to plan our bathroom renovation and trying to decide what to do with tub & shower in small space we have. Thanks so much.

  4. Could you please share the shower dimensions and the brand/model of your black fixtures? Thank you!