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Pottery Barn hack: serged linen pillow covers | boxwoodavenue.com

Hello friends old and new! I am so very excited to be joining some of my favorite instagram friends in the second blog hop of the week. One of the best parts of having a website is getting to know other ladies that are passionate about the same things that you are (read: YOU, and other bloggers). We have teamed up to bring you 10 simple farmhouse decorating projects. I hope you have fun getting to know some new farmgirl friends (there is a full list at the bottom of this post). 

While I love Pottery Barn and all of their perfectly designed picture frames and silverware, my favorite thing to do while I am there is get inspired. I absolutely love heading to Pottery Barn to see what new ideas they are sharing with us so that I can create my own versions. From their labeling to their table linens, I have so much fun thinking of ways to put my own twist on their designs. 

Last November, I spotted a bedding collection showing off serged hems. I couldn't have loved the collection more! The undone-ness of the whole thing was just too beautiful to me! I snapped a few photos, and decided I would make my own. 

It's taken me this long to get around to posting a tutorial for these DIY linen pillow covers. Nonetheless, these covers are so incredibly simple, and take very little time to make. I used a hidden zipper, and really liked that I didn't have to sew them inside out (and remember to unzip the zipper before sewing...anyone else sewed themselves out of a pillow before?). 

Simply cut squares of fabric, serge the edges, and then top-stitch them together. They're basically like giant lavender sachet pouches, but with zippers. I had an instagram follower comment that her mother used to make similar pillows out of dinner napkins. How genius! If you don't own a serger, you could definitely use finished napkins to get the same effect. 

DIY Linen Pillow Covers

pottery barn hack

Step 1: Cut two pieces of square fabric the 1/2" larger than your pillow insert (ex: pillow insert is 20", cut a pair of 20.5" squares). 

Step 2: Serge all four edges of each square. Trimming off as little as possible during the serging process. 

Step 3: Pin the two squares together, leaving one side unpinned. 

Step 4: Pin a zipper into place on the unpinned side about an inch up from the edge of the fabric.

Step 5: Sew the zipper into place. 

Step 6: Sew the other three sides shut, leaving a 1" margin from the edge of the fabric. Backstitch when you hit the zipper line. 

Pottery Barn hack: serged linen pillow covers | boxwoodavenue.com
Pottery Barn hack: serged linen pillow covers | boxwoodavenue.com
Pottery Barn hack: serged linen pillow covers | boxwoodavenue.com

I hope you have enjoyed this linen pillow cover project, as always, I am so thankful that you have taken time out of your day to pay me a visit me! 

This post was put together with some of my favorite farmhouse blogger friends. Each of them is sharing a wonderfully simple farmhouse decor project, and I know you will love them as much as I do! 

Some great DIY farmhouse decorating ideas | boxwoodavenue.com

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