DIY Christmas Light Wrapping Paper

Super unique wrapping paper idea using kraft paper and the Cricut. From

Do you ever have those days where you just can't seem to get a single thing done without having an issue? This project went like that for me. First I had to learn how to use the print and cut feature on my new Cricut, which took me a total of 2 youtube videos (it's super easy once you know that you have to 'attach' text before you cut...). 

After figuring out how to print and cut, I started with step one: print. Well...My printer proved to be out of ink. So I tried my second printer, it printed on sticker paper instead of card stock (side note - always check what kind of paper is in the printer before you print...duh!). Once I got the right paper in, I was out of black ink. Ugh. 

So I rifle through my cabinet, find a new black ink cartridge, load, calibrate. Print. Done. NOPE... My supply level estimator lied to me, I was also out of Cyan. WHO EVEN NEEDS CYAN. I was obviously very aggravated at this point, but I was determined to finish my project before bedtime. 

After replacing both ink cartridges, and calibrating, my printer still didn't want to give me top quality, but I settled. Hey, we all have our days right? 

Luckily my Cricut didn't give me any grief, it read the registration marks, and cut like a dream. I was finally on a roll. In the end, it was worth it, I love the way this project turned out! It's a little time consuming, but definitely has a lot of bang for the buck. 

Over the next two weeks I will be sharing 4 different ways to wrap with kraft paper & twine. I can't wait! If you can't either, sign up for my emails! I will be sending out a sneak peek in the next one!

Supplies: Get the whole kit here!

Super unique wrapping paper idea using kraft paper and the Cricut. From

Step 1: Print and Cut the lights. You can use my file, (just upload as a print & cut) and be sure to shrink the bulbs to fit your package size. You wouldn't want disproportional lights would you!? Copy and paste the bulbs until you have enough to cover the package. Oh, and definitely turn the bleed on for this project!

Step 2: Fold each little light bulb in half. 

Step 3: Use the glue pen to attach each bulb to the twine, stopping once you've reached the desired length. 

Step 4: Wrap your package with kraft paper, then wrap the 'string of lights' around the package, securing with tape at each end. 

Step 5: Plug it in. Just kidding! I am sure whomever receives this gift, is obviously a very fun person, and is definitely going to love the effort you put into wrapping it!

Super unique wrapping paper idea using kraft paper and the Cricut. From

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