It’s the eve of Christmas eve, and like I’ve said before.  I am pretty behind; we don’t even have a single gift under our tree yet.  Honestly though, it’s been kind of nice remembering what Christmas is really all about.  Have you seen the ‘revised’ Christmas list floating around Facebook and Instagram (the one where it crosses off certain letters to read: ‘be present’ etc…)?  Well it has really resonated with me this year.  I hope, whether you’re going all out or not gifting at all, you will enjoy the time spent with your family and have a wonderful Christmas.

Now down to business, I started packaging and wrapping this morning and decided to whip up a little Silhouette printable (for those of you who are Silhouetter’s).  All you’ve gotta do is download the three files (that way you have different shapes and sizes), print (with your registration marks on!), and cut.  I used a light weight card stock and good ol’ fashion glue sticks for mine.  Also, be sure that your letters are set to ‘no cut’ in cut settings before you send to the Silhouette.  Enjoy!

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  1. I LOVE that you used the brown craft/packaging paper to wrap the presents, along with those cute little present toppers! Hope you had a great Christmas!