I can remember the first time I ever had a fig. I was nine, and it was disgusting. My grandfather was appalled that I didn’t like the delicacy he had sacrificed on my immature palette. Since then, my palette has matured, and I have come to love figs.

I think we all know how much I also love goat cheese, so when Greg came home with a block of goat’s milk Brie, and a basket of ripe figs – it was only natural to marry the two together. With a bit of honey – this recipe makes for a very simple appetizer, perfect for entertaining. 

You might scoff at my use of Carr’s crackers, but they are such a classic, and you really can’t go wrong with them. I’d say add a little prosciutto and a glass of wine, and you’ve got yourself a well rounded antipasto platter that your guests will definitely love. 

Goat Cheese Brie with Honey and Figs

  • Goat Cheese Brie (or a traditional cow’s milk Brie) 
  • Ripe Figs
  • Warm Honey
  • Crackers

Warm the Brie until soft, layer sliced figs on top, and drizzle copious amounts of honey. Serve with crackers and extra slices of figs. 

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  1. I love simple foods. I"m totally saving this and making it! I forget figs are good. I rarely eat them but love them when I do.