Enjoy the benefits of switching to an all-natural cleaning system with the best green cleaning products! You don’t need a lot of green cleaning products to clean your entire home!

Green cleaning products in laundry room!

My Favorite Green Cleaning Products!

I recently received a message on Instagram asking to link a few products in my DIY liquid hand soap recipe. I thought it would be nice for me to link not only those products, but also my favorite green cleaning product for everyday cleaning.

In the liquid hand soap recipe, I share how I dilute castile soap to make everyday hand soap for my family. This has become something I continue to do after discovering the amazing benefits of castile soap.

I now use castile soap for nearly everything in my home, and when castile soap isn’t quite powerful enough, I turn to Sal’s Suds (castile soap’s big brother). If you’d like to make your own household green cleaning products, I have some free printable cleaning labels for you to use!

When writing this post, I wanted to include links to many green cleaning products, like The Honest Company, Mrs. Meyer’s, etc… But the truth is, you don’t need all of those.

With the simple products I have listed here. You can clean your entire home without purchasing anything expensive. If I kept only two green cleaning products in my home, it would be Castile Soap and Sal’s Suds, along with vinegar and baking soda.

How to test your green cleaning products? Visit the EWG website to check the product’s rating!

the best Green Cleaning Products

Castile Soap

This is my favorite cleaning product of all time. When I run out, I scramble trying to figure out what to do!

I use this on soooo many things including homemade hand soap, grout cleaner, and much more! You can use this to clean fruits & veggies, floors, and so much more! Do not use in your dishwasher.

Sal Suds

This is the big brother of Castile Soap – its known for being a great stain remover and grease fighter! Bonus: It smells exactly like Christmas!


One of my most favorite cleaning products of all time! This is the ultimate cleaner for sinks, dirty windows, soap scum, etc… It even removes spilled paint! All natural and made in the USA!


Citrasolv is a really neat green cleaning product made from orange peels. In fact, you can even make your own green cleaning product with orange peels!

The solvent is a powerful degreaser that will remove things like grease, tar, lipstick, adhesives, wax, permanent marker, etc… I first discovered this product during a craft project, but quickly fell in love with how well it cleans things!

Can vinegar and baking soda be mixed to clean? Don’t mix vinegar and baking soda together. It’s not dangerous, but the result of the chemical reaction is a diluted sodium acetate solution that won’t have any cleaning power to it.

Green cleaning products from your pantry!

  • Baking Soda – Baking soda can be used to deodorize, degrease, and clean nearly everything in your home! Mix baking soda with a little Castile Soap to make a really wonderful soft scrub!
  • Vinegar – Vinegar is a great cleaning agent that can be used to get rid of build-up and soap scum. Use it to clean everyday items like blinds, floors, microwaves, and much more!
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide can be used to disinfect and clean your home. Use it to clean grout, or disinfect surfaces (like wood cutting boards).
  • Salt – Coarse Salt is a great green cleaning product that can be used to clean pots and pans or scrub down sinks!

Green Cleaning Products Supplies

Scrubbing Brushes

I love using wood handled scrubbing brushes with tightly packed bristles perfect or scrubbing veggies, pots & pans, or dirty hands!

Instead of using paper towels, I find that I like to use linen wash cloths for wiping down counters, drying dishes, and drying hands. This helps keep our paper towel use down. I find that we don’t use paper towels more than necessary by keeping a pile of linen wash cloths handy for everyone!

Waffle / Linen Wash Cloths

I love the way linen softens and strengthens over time. The flax based textile is my favorite, I prefer it over cotton, although it takes a few washes before it softens up nicely, it won’t leave a fuzzy residue the way cotton often does.

Glass Bottles

If you plan on making your own green cleaning products, glasswork bottles and jars are imperative. I use tall glass bottles with stoppers for batches of diluted Castile Soap.

For bathrooms and the kitchen, I like using glass soap dispensers that have a screw off lid. Whenever the dispenser is empty, I simply add water and top it with more soap. Learn how to make your own liquid hand soap.


Did you know sponges have a large impact on the environment? They’re also known to harbor lots of nasty bacteria.

You can sterilize your sponges by placing them in boiling water for a few minutes, microwaving them, or popping them in the dishwasher. I recently found these 100% cellulose pop-up sponges from France, available on Amazon. They are absolutely wonderful! I wish I would have found them sooner!

Glass Spray Bottles

Glass spray bottles allow you to mix your own homemade countertop spray and other cleaning solutions! Plus you can pour pre-packaged cleaning solutions into these for a more organized cleaning cupboard!

Glass Dispenser

I love using these for our homemade hand soap throughout the house! They can be used for much more than just hand soap! A great cleaning cupboard staple!

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