Laundry Room Design {Inspiration Board}

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Posted: 05/04/2020·

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Get inspired with this laundry room design full of natural materials and industrial touches!

I was inspired by the Soleil Stripe print by Virginia Kraft Textiles and this amazing marble tile and put together this little mood board! This laundry room inspiration is a combination of many natural elements, my favorite material to work with!

Here I’ve shown Cle tile’s farmhouse brick as a beautiful backsplash option, their tile is perfection! It’s what I used in my own laundry room!

I personally feel like organic materials provide countless combination opportunities because they almost always act as a neutral in design. It makes is so easy to mix and match because nature provides a readily available color palette prime for creativity!

Wall mounted utility sinks

I love a wall mount look, especially in the laundry room! I think it looks fabulous and feels *just right*. Kohler is really the best, and most well known brand for a quality wall mount sink; however, Rejuvenation also has some great options.

Wall mounted sink faucets for laundry room

In my laundry room, we used a ready-made cabinet available at Home Depot – they’re not fancy by any means, but they’ve held up well and I am happy with them, especially for the price!

Going the Ikea + semihandmade route is also a great option to save money on cabinetry in the laundry room!

In a laundry room, I love using a mix of bin pulls, latches, and traditional knobs. I think they feel timeless and traditional.

Cabinetry Details

Minimalist Lighting

I absolutely love this light fixture – I think it’s the perfect balance of modern and industrial without feeling like it’s trying too hard. Plus, it’s budget friendly!

Vintage Accents & Decor

Finishing the design with a few vintage accents like a vintage rug or vintage decor will give the entire room a completed look. When you design something shiny and new, it’s always a great idea to add a few well-loved pieces in order to add some character to the space. Don’t forget, you get 20% off at Lulu & Georgia with code BOXWOOD20!

I hope that this inspiration sparks some ideas for you if you are working on a laundry room renovation or new build! Finding ways to mix natural elements with vintage accents and industrial touches will create a beautiful look!

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  1. Beautiful. I’ve got a big house remodel ahead of me and find your style so soft sophisticated and comfortable. Neutralsare my passion.

  2. I love these neutrals together! But especially that little pop of yellow – so fun! I love your interior design style.