I hate doing laundry. HATE IT. It’s a never ending job, and I always seem to run out of hangers, which results in my clothes not getting hung up, which then results in the clothes piling up on the chair in our bedroom. Does anyone else have a chair? Greg always remarks, “wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually sit on the chair?” Which I respond with an evil emoji face.

At my bridal shower, I asked my guests to fill out laundry cards with their best laundry tips. My favorite tip was: outsource. LOL, I wish! I honestly probably would if I could, but up here, we don’t even have a dry cleaners, so I find myself in the laundry room a lot.

I’m actually pretty lucky because our laundry room is humungous. Even bigger than our pantry. It’s a nice airy and bright room, with so much storage that half of the cabinets are empty. So I better stop complaining about doing laundry.

Well, in an attempt to get better at doing the laundry, I thought I’d spruce up the room with a little organization.

These labels added to glass bottles make doing laundry that much easier, plus the laundry cheat sheet keeps me from having to google “how the hell do you get chicken poop out of denim.” Hot water and vinegar in case you’re wondering.

I used a wooden crate and glass bottles to organize all of my laundry necessities, and the result is a very organized laundry room. I love having the cheat sheet on hand, and covet the little glass bottles like tiny little delicate people.

My laundry room isn’t always 100% organized, but when I am able to keep it organized, this is my routine: 

Remove clothes from the dryer promptly, fold any sheets, towels, or rags immediately and put away. Carry the rest of the laundry to the kitchen. I know this sounds weird. But you’re WAY more likely to do the laundry if it’s sitting on your kitchen counter than if it’s sitting on your ‘laundry chair’. I started doing this when I was a nanny for a family, and it worked wonders!

Keep all of your laundry necessities in a crate, tray, or box. Put them in pretty containers for a little something extra. Sort of like spritzing perfume onto your resumè (any other Legally Blonde fans?).

Bulk wash: Some people say to do one load a day, and if that works for them, great! It absolutely does not work for me. Just like I like to bulk shoot for the blog, I like to do 3 loads of laundry in a day rather than one every day. That way I can carve out an hour of my day to do the laundry, and only have to do it 2-3 times a week.

Keep weird ingredients on hand. Some of my favorites are baking soda, vinegar, and a mesh bag. Toss bras and underwear in the mesh bag, which is also great for shoes. Not sure when to use vinegar or baking soda? Download the cheat sheet at the end of this post!

DIY Laundry Bottles:

  • Free printable 
  • Assorted Glass Bottles and Jars
  • Double Stick Tape
  • Scrapbook Trimmer (my favorite craft supply)

Use a scrapbook trimmer to cut out the labels, and add strips of double stick tape to the back. Secure the labels into place, and fill with detergent, etc…

What are your best laundry tips? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

I’m thrilled you’re going to print out my free download! Click here to get the laundry room labels!

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  1. For me, I bulk wash every 2-4 weeks. It’s just me and the husband, and to preserve our sanity, I made us each buy a TON of underwear. That way, we have enough to last between the long laundry sessions. He works at home, too, so it saves me from not having to wash any fancy clothes for office work for him. Love those printables, they’re super cute.

    1. I thank that’s the best news I’ve heard all week! Bulk washing is the jam! I love it, and it makes laundry seem so much less of a job when you’re not doing it daily. Thank you so much!

  2. Love the labels, super cute! I am new your blog is lovely can’t wait to check out more! Cheers from @paperheartsco

  3. I am actually really thinking of redoing our laundry room. We have such a nice space but no where to hang clothes to dry, store laundry goods or anything else. These are great ideas and I LOVE the printable. It’s perfect for letting my husband know how to clean what with what!

    1. I think having a designated space to hang laundry to dry is so important!! I think it’s great your husband helps with laundry, I can hardly get mine to help with the socks!

  4. Those bottles are adorable! I love the clean look of them. And this totally just reminded me I have clothes in the dryer…

    1. Thank you so much! This project had been in my head for awhile, I am so glad i finally shared it!

  5. I agree with you, I despise doing laundry. I’d love to outsource too, but as a family of six–I don’t think that is in our budget. Love the printables, super cute design!

  6. Those bottles are so much prettier than the big plastic containers. I think it would make me happy to do laundry when I was using prettier bottles!

  7. These labeled bottles are so pretty! And I love the stylish stain removal chart. Now I want to go home and organize :)

  8. Hello! I am new to the blog and also realize I am two years to this post. I just ran across it from a link. I ADORE these. I wondered if in the last 2 years you have gotten requests to make a follow up addition to the DIY labels? I want ALL my labels to be this perfect and thought you may have made some with other needed items like washing soda, fabric conditioner, stain remover, etc? If not, maybe that is something to consider:) Now I am off to browse your site in hopes of finding more simplistic yet beautiful printable labels for organizing around the home! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Addison! I collected them from around the ranch, you could probably find something similar at thrift shops! Good luck! -Chloe

  9. Came across your amazing labels via Pinterest I know its been a few years since you made this post but am in love with these labels any chance the print out could be emailed to me

  10. I, too am looking for these fabulous printables you’ve made! During our home quarantine I’m *hoping* (lol) to take advantage of labeling & organizing…I’d love to hear if you reload these or put them in your shop!

  11. I came across your post through Pinterest and love the labels! But it looks like the download link is no longer active… I mean it’s been 4 years so I’m late to the party. Is it possible to get the printable a and cheat sheet still?

  12. Hi from Australia.
    Absolutely love this idea but am wondering if I’m doing something wrong as there is no “Click Here” spot, ergo it isn’t in bold type, or have any other option to press or click. Many thanks

  13. I cannot find the download link anywhere on the page. I would appreciate it if you can offer some help on how to find the printable document of these beautiful labels.
    Thank you

  14. Sorry – just not helpful. Needed a wash symbol for a City & Guilds course garment labels and could accessat all

  15. I am trying to print off these labels is it possible to get messaged the link it wont work for me.
    PS I love all your stuff

  16. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. We actually just resurfaced our hardwood floor in our laundry room and we’re trying to get it set up and organized in an efficient and beautiful way. And your tips are definitely helping us get it done.

  17. Hi! Love the labels and was wondering if you had a link to print the laundry cheat sheet as well?