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DIY Fall Hostess Gift Basket

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Inexpensive and easy DIY gift basket from

Okay, so you made the world's easiest caramel sauce... Now what? Here's what I say: give it away! Your friends will love it, your friend's kids will love it even more. It will become a fall favorite (so be prepared to make it every year). 

I have a ton of extra gift baskets left over from our wedding, so I wanted to make something fun to give away to friends this thanksgiving (last year I made cranberry sauce). Plus, I needed to get rid of the extra apples I seem to always be buying at the grocery store. For some reason I have a weird tendency to always buy apples and carrots, so I always have an excess of them in the house, my horses love it.

I saw this post on Pinterest by Jenny Steffens Hobick of Everyday Occasions, and decided to recreate her look with my own twist. Adding some of my ribbon, a tea towel, and printed 'give thanks' tags. 

After giving the 1-ingredient crockpot recipe a try, and making these fun tea towels, I thought that combining them into a beautiful gift basket would be a wonderful hostess gift. Don't get me wrong, I usually opt for wine because let's be real, after cooking a big dinner, wine is the only thing that gets the hostess through that heaping pile of dishes (or is that just me?). However, if you're trying to take the classier route, or your hostess doesn't consume alcohol, this gift basket is a very thoughtful way to say, "Thanks for hosting!". If you're in a pinch and don't have time to whip anything together to gift, another awesome way to say thanks, is to do the dishes for her. Just saying. 

Inexpensive and easy DIY gift basket from


Step 1: Download the free 'give thanks' printable. Print, and cut each tag out. 

Step 2: Compile tea towel, apples, and caramel sauce into the basket, adorn with a ribbon and attach a 'give thanks' tag! 

*Make sure to let your recipient know that the caramel sauce needs to be refrigerated! *

Inexpensive and easy DIY gift basket from

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