10 Beautiful Christmas Tablescapes to Inspire Your Holiday Decorating

December 4, 2017

10 beautiful Christmas tablescapes from some of my favorite bloggers that will 100% inspire your holiday dining room this year! Plus – we’re each sharing a few of our top entertaining tips to help you get through the season with ease!

Today I’ve joined up with a few blogging friends to share our holiday tablescape ideas & entertaining tips with you. I love coming together with other creative ladies, because they always inspire me beyond belief. Getting to see everyone’s take on “holiday tablescape” is so much fun – each of us has a different touch, and together, we are able to share so much beauty! 

I like to keep things very simple during the holidays. If you are a usual reader of Boxwood Avenue, you know that I normally use things that I can find outside: greenery, pinecones, branches, etc… I rarely buy decorations, and when I do, it’s usually vintage! I used to love sparkles and glitter and ornaments galore, but now I like to stick to a neutral palette of found or vintage items. 

See that cute little string garland?? Last year I picked up those old cookie cutter bells from Elsie Green – I’ve been holding on to them just for this purpose! They are rusty, and dirty, and really perfect. 

I think that we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create something outstanding or jaw dropping when we decorate for the holidays, but I really believe that less is more. I didn’t add soup spoons, I don’t have a bunch of glasses on the table, I don’t have heaps of decorations…just the necessities for coming together to share a meal. Maybe you don’t feel that pressure, but I know I do, and this year I am letting. that. go.  

While I was decorating this room, I turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration…none of the tables that I was inspired by had candles on them, so my first thought was to leave the candles off. Thinking that maybe my love of candles was no longer in style, but then I realized: if I love candles, then I should put them on my table. I guess what I am trying to say is that if you love sparkles and glitter – add sparkles and glitter! If you can’t stand candles, then don’t feel like your table will be less than because it’s lacking candles. Stay true to your heart, and your room will speak for itself.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have caught a glimpse of my story while I was out cutting branches for this space. I brought home heaps of greenery and my car still smells amazing! I snipped sprigs off the branches and layered them down the center of my table atop the grain sack table runner which was a gift from my (amazing) neighbor.

I mismatched the plates to add a little height – the flat plates are from Crate & Barrel and the deeper plate is from World Market. I love their entertaining sets because they are simple and affordable. Someday I will collect enough ironstone to set my whole table…a girl can dream. 

When we actually sit down for Christmas dinner, I think I will add some sort of paper item. Maybe some Christmas crackers! I really love to have a menu, place setting, or activity whenever I dress my table up. There’s something so lovely about a really nice item of paper – it’s my favorite finishing touch! 

I am so very excited about my advent calendar, I will share a full post about it on Wednesday, but I love how cute those little baggies look sitting inside the French grain bins. Did you happen to see the giant glass jar? I found that while I was in High Point, it just got here, isn’t it amazing!? As I was moving it, a piece of the top popped off and the whole jar fell to the floor, I am so glad it didn’t shatter! I would have been so sad. I thought about putting a Christmas tree in the corner where it is sitting, but I think the branches look just right. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our dining room decorated for the upcoming holiday! We are really enjoying our new room and I am having fun with that shelf! Now be sure to head over to my friends’ blogs to see their Christmas tablescape and entertaining ideas! 

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  1. Please tell me how you use fresh greenery without getting "bugs" from the limbs into your home. I’m dying to know because the thought of fresh over purchased is my jam

  2. I love your style but most importantly I am dying to find out where I can get the exact farmhouse table and chairs you are showing in the photo with the burlap runner. I’ve been looking for a while for this style and can’t find it. Could you please let me know? Merry Christmas!

  3. Love the simplicity of it, and the natural touches! I also love the branches in lieu of a tree. They are whimsical and perfect in that jar! I did mismatched brass candlesticks for our Thanksgiving tablescape, and added some fresh eucalyptus, then when it dried out, I tucked it into my Christmas garland. One bunch of greenery for two holidays…score!

  4. Chloe, your new dining room is so gorgeous, and I am so glad you shared it with us along with your festive tablescape. I love everything you do, seriously, I cannot get over your beautiful style!

  5. Robin just sad everything I wanted to say! Your ORC was my favorite and as I was reading this post I was thinking how simple is sometimes best! There is so many “decorator” trees, mantels, doors etc but I believe what you said about keeping it true to yourself is the best. Your home is beautiful and I love your blog. Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing more of Boxwoodavenue in the New Year!

    • Hi Maureen – thank you so so very much! I am big on simplicity lately – and have found it very refreshing to donate and clear out a lot of the items I no longer use. I have also really enjoyed finding things out on the ranch to bring home to use in our house. I hope you also have a very Merry Christmas! Sending cheer your way!

  6. I love your simple style. Your dining room was my all time ORC challenge favorite. Thanks Chloe. Best to you, your family and your extended family during this holiday season, Robin