Anniversaries on the Ranch

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Posted: 10/09/2016·

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Later this week, I am heading to Sonoma to do some work with Chateau Sonoma, so Greg and I won’t be celebrating our anniversary until next weekend. I can’t believe a year has already gone by, and as my MIL said, last year around this time was very different.

I hadn’t gone on a ride with the boys in a long time, so I decided I might as well tag along if they’d let me. Waking up early is not my strong suit, and when 6:30 rolled around I could be heard yelling, “NO!!!!“, from our bed, but I peeled myself out, threw my hair back and painted my eyebrows on for a day of riding and moooving cows.

As we headed out to catch our horses, with frozen fingers, I snapped a few photos – I love this photo of the boys with the sun coming up over the mountains. I coerced Greg into taking a photo of Julias and I. Julias is always my horse because he takes great care of me, and makes me look like I have a sliver of knowledge regarding this whole ranch work thing. Alex’s dad, who is an amazing horseman, used to ride him, and now I have claimed him whenever I can. ;)

We rounded up a small group of freshly weaned cows and pushed them a few fields out into the valley, it was a short ride, but lots of fun. I asked Greg to rate me on the ‘helpfulness’ scale, he gave me a 6 out of 10. A definite compliment, thank God for Julias.

Along with riding Julias, I rode THE saddle & some fancy bit set-up. As we’ve been over before, true love is letting your wife ride the saddle you’ve never used. ;)

I have heard of people forgetting how long they’ve been married or forgetting their anniversary, which for someone who celebrates an entire birthday month, has always baffled me. Except, last year I forgot how old I was turning (#forever23), so I can now see how this is possible.

A fancy dinner is always nice – I live for fancy dessert – but spending time horseback (or whatever your ‘thing‘ is) with your husband beats a molten chocolate lava cake every time, well like, 99% of the time. I mean, look at that face, way better than lava cake.

Afterwards, we drove to town for lunch and came home to do some work on the garden. If this is what anniversaries are all about, I think we should celebrate monthly!

I have labeled this photo as the ‘dream team’ photo – working with Alex and Greg is always a blast and I loved getting to ‘help’ them moooove (is that still funny?) the cows. Talk to you later, and as always, thanks for taking the time to come hang out with me!

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