Caught in between the waning days of summer and craving of crisp Fall mornings, August has always been one of the most nostalgic months for me. Basking in the morning sun followed by the drumming of summer storms creates that feeling of suspension in time where it doesn’t actually seem to exist.

Wishing for the future when summer is still so sweet is a gentle reminder to be present. Home grown peaches are just starting to ripen and the days are staying warmer into the evening, but it’s the beginning of the “in-between”. August is the month of observation: moments to reminisce on the energy of summer, to plan for the remainder of the year, and to simply be with what is. 

The outside slowly enters into our homes as gardens continue their generosity. The initial stitches of turning inward are sown as we slowly approach cooler months. The transition of cool summer linens slowly makes it’s way through spaces beginning with a knitted throw that has seen it’s fair share of seasons.

This month, I celebrate the beauty of femininity. From sacred female friendships to the sartorial elegance of final summer days, August becomes a month of memories and creating, thus, I welcome it with open arms to creativity.

At Home

As summer comes to an end, I find myself inspired by stripes, natural color palettes, and, of course, skirt sinks.

Listening to my August playlist “The In-Between” featuring Caamp’s newest album titled “Lavender Days”, an ode to the days that bring both joy and sorrow, the in-between.

Photos and Design: Michael Sinclair & Edward Bulmer Paint, Neptune, Lourens Smock, Simon Batten & Flora Soames

Dressing for the Occasion

This month, I am taking advantage of the summer heat to get the most of my favorite dresses.

On my Feet

I always love to gear up for the Fall at the end of Summer. I have my staple footwear, but always love to find a special pair to ring in the season. This year, I am loving silver Mary Jane flats.

On my Shoulders

Snagging my favorite sweaters before they are out of stock. I love layering sweaters in the fall, as it gets a bit chilly here early. I find myself in sweaters year round. Some new silhouettes for me – a sweater vest (which I saw many Parisians in during my last visit), and a more fitted high-neck.

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  1. Thanks for such a poetic reflection on the transition from summer to fall in August resonates beautifully. I appreciate your emphasis on being present and observing the in-between moments, capturing the nostalgic atmosphere of the month. I was so busy at college before I found resource which helps with my tasks that I had no opportunity to manage all tasks. The celebration of femininity and curated playlist add a creative touch to this transitional period. Your thoughtful approach to dressing for the occasion, from silver Mary Jane flats to new sweater silhouettes, reflects the anticipation of the upcoming fall season.

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