Teach Yourself Calligraphy

I finally decided to take the plunge into calligraphy, and am having so much fun teaching myself the different styles and techniques.  Last year, I bought a cheapo starter kit from an Etsy seller, but I never ended up using it...until now, and realized quality supplies matter (duh) so don't just go for cheap!  I am still very new to calligraphy, but I can now discriminate between different pens, nibs, paper, and ink.  I can also manipulate my penmanship into different font styles; it's very true when they say "practice makes perfect".  

I hope you're reading this because you are thinking of trying out calligraphy too; if so, you've come to the write place!  I've assembled a list of resources to help you achieve your calligraphy dreams. These links are what helped me learn (I'm still learning!), and I think they are the best the web has to offer.  


Since writing this post, I have written a complete guide to learning calligraphy, and guess what? It's completely FREE! Click over to instantly download the coursework!