Teach Yourself Calligraphy

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Calligraphy is quite simple to teach to yourself, with a little practice, and of course the right tools, you are very capable picking up the skill and using it in your everyday life. 

Girl writing calligraphy on paper

Teach Yourself Calligraphy

I finally decided to take the plunge into calligraphy, and am having so much fun teaching myself the different styles and techniques.  Last year, I bought a cheapo starter kit from an Etsy seller, but I never ended up using it…until now, and realized quality supplies matter (duh) so don’t just go for cheap!  

I am still very new to calligraphy, but I can now discriminate between different pens, nibs, paper, and ink.  I can also manipulate my penmanship into different font styles; it’s very true when they say “practice makes perfect”.

I hope you’re reading this because you are thinking of trying out calligraphy too; if so, you’ve come to the write place!  

If you’ve been wanting to teach yourself calligraphy, but have felt lost in the aisles of Michael’s or Hobby Lobby only to return home with the wrong supplies, you are not alone. This four part calligraphy workshop will guide you step by step into becoming a skilled calligraphist. 

Girl writing calligraphy on paper

Since writing this post, I have written a complete guide to learning calligraphy, and guess what? It’s completely FREE! Click over to instantly download the coursework!

Supplies Needed to Teach Yourself Calligraphy

Calligraphy writing on paper with supplies

I would like to have combined everything into one store, so that you didn’t have to go to two places to purchase your supplies, but Paper & Ink Art’s did not offer some of the supplies, so I’ve linked those items from Amazon, we all love their (scary) easy checkout process right!?  

Supplies Needed for Calligraphy Addressed Letters

Place setting on plate at table with calligraphy writing.

Calligraphy in action! Get inspired with this Calligraphy Ideas:

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  1. Hello,

    What a wonderful idea to start with calligraphy. I would really like to download the video but somehow my phone doesn’t show me the opportunity Can You please help me?

    Thank You in advance
    have a nice day

  2. Love this blog post, I have been trying to teach myself, its a slow process but im really enjoying it! The Flourish Forum is another amazing resource for free videos, tutorials and print outs. It’s another place you can get lost in for days!

    • Aurelia,
      Thank you so much! I will definitely be adding The Flourish Forum into the links section above, I checked it out, and it’s great! Thanks for the great tip : )
      xo Chloe

  3. What a fun idea! I considered trying to learn before our wedding so I could send out pretty invitations – butttt that got pushed aside :-)