I love Halloween, but hate the color orange. I know, I know, but I am totally hating on it this year. I like clean, simple lines when it comes to Halloween, remember these? So this year when I was creating this Halloween Party, I wanted to stay true to what I love about Halloween; I amped up the glam factor and toned down the orange. 

I also HATE prepackaged baked goods. I take joy in baking from scratch, and even make my own pancakes that way. However, Darby Smart tempted me with their Sprinkles cupcake mix, and wow. I am SO glad I gave it a try. The cupcakes came out moist, and dense, and did not taste prepackaged whatsoever. If you’re in a pinch, or hate baking, I highly recommend it. 

As I re-read this post I see that I am being a total hater right now, sorry guys! I hope you have fun recreating this Halloween Party, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post which completes the festivity! 

Halloween Cupcakes


  • Cupcake mix & ingredients 
  • Cupcake Liner Template
  • Card stock 
  • Tape
  • Cupcake stand

Step 1: Bake your cakes according to the packaging! 

Step 2: As they are baking, print and cut out the cupcake liners.

Step 3: Once the cakes are finished, remove them from the oven and allow them to cool. 

Step 4: After they are cool, top them with frosting. Then use a little tape to secure the liners into place. 

Step 5: Top with a spooky kitty, and display! 

Spooky Kitty Cupcake Toppers


  • Kitty Minitures 
  • Bamboo Skewers 
  • Awl
  • Black Spray Paint

Step 1: Spray each cat with black spray paint. Allow to fully dry, and repeat. Do this until your kitties are jet black! 
Step 2: Using the awl, put a hole in the center of the bottom of each cat. 

Step 3: Use very sharp scissors to carefully cut the bamboo skewers down to the size you’d like them to be (I cut mine to be about 3-4 inches). 
Step 4: Insert the skewer into the hole you made in step 2! Tip: Use the pointy side of the skewer.

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