This is the best DIY liquid hand soap I have found for creating an all-natural cleaning routine for your home! Now more than ever we are washing our hands and keeping things clean. This homemade hand soap using Castile soap will help you save money and keep your home toxin free.

I love using Castile soap in all areas of my home, and hand soap is no exception. It’s a quick and easy way to make sure you know exactly what ingredients your family is using!

Let’s dive into the additional benefits and versatile uses of Castile soap and this DIY liquid hand soap:

Multi-Surface Cleaning: Castile soap is a powerhouse beyond handwashing. Use it to clean various surfaces in your home, from kitchen counters to bathroom tiles. Its gentle yet effective formula makes it a go-to solution for a toxin-free clean.

Body Wash: Transform your shower routine by using this DIY liquid hand soap as a body wash. The natural ingredients in Castile soap make it gentle on the skin, offering a refreshing and chemical-free bathing experience.

The magic of Castile soap and essential oils shouldn’t be underestimated! This is the best DIY liquid hand soap I have found for creating an all-natural cleaning routine for your home.

The magic of Castile soap and essential oils shouldn’t be underestimated! This is the best DIY liquid hand soap I have found for creating an all-natural cleaning routine for your home!

DIY Liquid Hand Soap with Castile Soap & Essential Oils

I used to use tons of chemical cleaners, but now I’ve swapped out all of our soaps for Castile solutions and vinegar washes. We use baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar on a lot to create a bit more of an all-natural home. See more of my favorite green cleaning products.

I will say, there are a few things I won’t let go of, one of them being shout for tough stains. Also, I keep a bottle of Clorox countertop spray for anytime I’m dealing with animal discharge… Don’t @ me.

What is Castile Soap?

Castile soap originated in Castile, Spain and originally made from olive oil. However, many Castile soaps now use other vegetable fats. One important constant: it does not contain animal fats.

Castile soap is free of toxins and gentle enough to use on children, pets, and even on vegetables (check dilutions properly)! Once you start using Castile soap, I think you will fall in love with it as it can be used for so. many. things.

The magic of Castile soap and essential oils shouldn’t be underestimated! This is the best DIY liquid hand soap I have found for creating an all-natural cleaning routine for your home!

We recently switched out our hand soaps for a diluted Castile soap solution, and I was nervous to see if my homemade liquid hand soap would actually clean.

Because soap is an important part of our life on the ranch, switching to something homemade was a commitment that needed to be thought through.

Since switching, I have fallen even more in love with Castile soap; I am beginning to believe it is magic.

Each time I wash my hands, I am so happily surprised with the results. It’s not quite as sudsy as store bought soap (no preservatives or additives), but it smells like heaven.

If you’ve been considering switching over to a DIY liquid hand soap, I can attest that it is well worth it. However, the only thing I have noticed is that the soap and the water seem to separate – so I usually give my bottle a swish before using (no biggie).

Add your own essential oils to unscented Castile soap or opt for a pre-scented Castile soap already scented with 2% essential oils. I love the lavender scent!

DIY Liquid Hand Soap Recipe

FAQ’S About DIY Hand Soap

Help! I made this recipe and it seems so watery, is this right?

Yes! This soap will be watery. Since Castile soap is so concentrated, you need to dilute it with water first. This will prevent your skin from drying out and will extend your bottle of concentrated soap. It is best to use distilled water; however, I personally just use water from my sink.
The castile soap mixture will be watery, and the soap may settle at the bottom of the jar. If this happens, just give the jar a little swirl before using. I find that I often need to do this, but it has become second nature and it does not bother me at all.

Does Castile soap gets sudsy?

Yes Castile soap will suds up very much like your traditional dish or hand soap, perhaps a bit less sudsy. If the soap is not sudsing up as much as you’d like, just add a little more soap.

Can I use scented Castile Soap on my dishes?

Yes, I use lavender scented Castile soap for my laundry, dishes, and hands. The soap is scented with essential oils and is perfectly safe.

Is Castile Soap antibacterial?

Castile soap is considered a disinfectant, and is not antibacterial. To be considered antibacterial, a solution must kill 99.9% of germs. To be a disinfectant, a solution must kill 99% of germs. Adding tea tree oil, which is a natural antibacterial oil, can help make your solution antibacterial, but please note, tea tree oil is toxic to cats.

Why is the homemade soap separating?

You may notice the Castile soap settles at the bottom of your soap dispenser, causing your DIY liquid hand soap to separate. If this happens, just give the dispenser a little swirl or a gentle shake to recombine everything.

Tips for Essential Oil Combinations

Tea Tree and Lavender Bliss: Combine tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties with lavender essential oil for a delightful and calming scent. This not only enhances the soap’s fragrance but also adds antibacterial benefits.

Citrus Burst Blend: Experiment with a citrus blend, combining lemon, orange, and grapefruit essential oils. This not only provides a fresh and invigorating scent but also contributes to a mood-boosting cleansing experience.

Creating your own DIY liquid hand soap with Castile soap and essential oils is a simple joy. Beyond keeping your hands clean, Castile soap proves it’s the superhero of cleaning, tackling surfaces and even dishes.

By ditching store-bought options with their chemical concoctions, you’re not just going green, you’re turning your handwashing into a spa-like experience with different essential oils. And hey, here’s the good news: that watery mix? No biggie – just give it a little swirl.

Whether you’re a foaming hand soap dispenser fan or a traditional soap dispenser enthusiast, this recipe fits the bill. A firm believer in natural solutions? You’re in for a treat with your very own natural hand soap.

So, embrace this DIY liquid hand soap into your daily routine, revel in the freshness, and tip your hat to Dr. Bronner. Here’s to easy handwashing and the magic of homemade goodness!

Homemade Hand Soap Recipe with Castile Soap

Looking for something that has a little more cleaning power? Try using Sal Suds instead of Castile Soap in this recipe! It will clean even better!

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DIY Liquid Hand Soap with Castile Soap

This is the best DIY liquid hand soap I have found for creating an all-natural cleaning routine for your home!
Prep Time4 minutes
Active Time1 minute
Total Time5 minutes
Course: Sustainability
Keyword: castile soap, DIY, DIY Liquid Hand Soap, homemade hand soap, soap
Author: Chloe | Boxwood Ave.


  • Reusable Soap Dispenser


  • 1/8 cup. Castile Soap I usually add more than this, but 1/8th is what is recommended by Dr. Bronner’s.
  • 2.5 cups Water
  • 10-15 Drops Essential Oil I like lemon


  • Fill a glass soap dispenser with about 2.5 cups water.
  • Next, pour in 1/8-1/4 cup castile soap. The amount depends on how much you would like the soap to suds up. I usually just eye-ball it!
  • Finish with a few drops essential oils.


Tip: Add a splash of vitamin E oil or liquid coconut oil for added moisture! 

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    1. Adding a tbs of colloidal silver to this recipe will be a good idea for that. Store bought antibacterial are terrible for your thyroid and immune system. <3

  1. The Norwex window cloth will change your life and you’ll get rid of Windex forever and never look back at that terrible chemical. With the Norwex cloth you just use water!! I swear by mine which ive had for years.

    1. Hi! Just add a little more soap. It is thin, but that’s just because it’s diluted with water. I have gotten used to it and really love it :)

  2. Thank you for recommending Castile soap. I have loved Savon d Usage, Feuille de Tomate for a long time but I have not been in France for some years and cannot get it on the internet. I was able to make a similar hand soap using the CastileSoap,Feuilles de Tomate Parfum de Maison and water. I love that smell!

  3. Do you have to pre-dilute the soap in the soap pump when using it as a hand soap? It seems to me like adding water to the castile soap is a way to invite bacteria to grow in the soap, since bacteria grows in water.

    1. If the bacteria is a concern, just use distilled/sterilized water and sterilized tools :)

  4. Very nice post, Thank you for sharing this informative stuff. You can even Hand wash liquid soap far reference.

  5. Does the container have to be glass? I’d like to repurpose the plastic dispensers we currently have. Thx!

  6. I just made this soha and it is amazing! I am now adding my own soap recipes. THANKS for doing this DIY LIQUID HAND SOAP!A

  7. Hello, I’m just a little confused. I’ve read Castile soap alone can be used as a hand wash. What’s the need for the added water?

  8. For those of you that like the soap a little thicker, put 1-2 Tablespoons of Aloe Vera Gel in and shake up. It is a moisturizer and could then leave out olive oil, as it separates.

  9. Hi! Thank you for sharing! I just got citrus scent and Im excited to try this! Your glass pump dispenser is so beautiful! Can you share the source please?

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