A lovely DIY rose petal bath soak for easy relaxing. 

DIY White Rose Petal & Grapefruit Bath Soak with a Free Printable

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For pacakaging:

Once every month, I break out like I am thirteen again, and I bet you can guess what time of the month that is… I have very clear skin the rest of the time, but for some reason my body is still hanging on to that little bit of hormonal teenager in me. This past month, it has been terrible! So I finally broke down and got a facial. It was lovely. As the esthetician poked at my skin, I thought, “take that pesky pimples!”, but right when I was about to fall asleep on the beauty gurney, mid foot massage, she asked me if I had IBS.  

I wondered what IBS had to do with my feet, and quizzically said, “well, I do have a sensitive tummy…” Apparently, my feet were telling her a lot more than I wanted them to. I wouldn’t consider myself someone who suffers from IBS, but hey, when I eat too much pasta, it sends my body into shock. Which is really a bummer, because pasta is my favorite food. ON THE PLANET. Then she proceeded to tell me that my skin was terribly dry, and was making me look older than I was. So naturally, I asked her how old she thought I was. She told me 30. I really wasn’t offended by this statement, because I was actually in shock. I would say I have great skin, but my new IBS diagnosing friend disagreed. 

Luckily she had a remedy for me: peppermint tea, and vitamin C serum. I didn’t clarify if I was supposed to add the serum into the tea or not, but for now, I’m just applying it to my entire face, hoping to erase those extra seven years that seem to be tacked on due to the dryness. 

In addition, I’ve started adding milk into my nightly baths – since baths are a great way to turn your skin into a prune, it’s important to stay moisturized before, during, and after the fact. And since I have extra dry skin, which is causing me to look seven years older than I am, it’s important for me to take every precaution possible, even if that means adding milk to my baths, or suckling the vitamin C out of oranges every morning. 

The thing about adding evaporated milk into a bath…is that it smells like evaporated milk. To help combat the lovely scent of powdered milk, you can add essential oils into it. I think the hype of essential oils is really a load of crap, and a multi level marketing scheme, but they do smell good, and they won’t cause DIY beauty projects to grow invisible bacteria that will wreck your life, so for now, I am on the essential oil bandwagon (BTW why are they so expensive!?).

This is a great recipe to make for yourself, or to make as little gifts or favors! I think it’d be a great Mother’s Day gift, or bridesmaid gift. It’s very versatile, so feel free to play around with it! I’ve also attached a free printable for you to use, if you decide to give as a gift! Simply print, and cut, then use double stick tape to adhere the labels onto small glass jars! If you aren’t really into the idea of a milk bath, an epsom salt bath is just as lovely!

PS – Did you try making this organic sugar scrub? It’s my favorite!

Since posting this my friend Danika of Oak & Ashland has schooled me on essential oils. I stand corrected, and actually do see that they have healing capabilities. I do still think there are a few companies who have turned it into a multi level marketing ‘scheme’ though, but where there is opportunity, someone’s gotta take it! I am working on a post all about essential oils with Danika, and will share all of the great information she gives me soon!*

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  1. This sounds moisturizing and delicious smelling! Citrus, particularly grapefruit, is my favorite in the bath! I love that this is with essential oils.

    1. I actually hate grapefruits – but I LOVE the smell and flavor of them. Weird? I know! I loved the scent of this!

  2. Hello,
    I love this bath milk. I was wondering if I can use goats milk powder instead of evaporated milk. Please advise