The Prettiest Fall Decor Ideas for a Cozy Living Room

September 18, 2019

Add a little fall into your home with some new cozy accessories for an inviting living room! These fall decor ideas are sure to inspire you!

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Fall Decor Ideas for a Cozy Living Room

Can you believe we are talking about fall decorating and thinking about holiday plans already? This summer whizzed by, and I honestly couldn’t be happier about the new season!

I love fall so much, mostly because things begin to cool down and life just feels cozy.

I love waking up to crisp mornings and drizzly rain, I wait all year for this little blink of a season. So forgive me for continuing to bring it up ;). I just want to appreciate every moment. Before we know it, the snow will be here and we will be dreaming of warmer days ahead.

To spruce things up for fall, I love adding texture. It’s the age old decorating trick that instantly adds a little depth to a room. This is true for any room, but is easy to pull off in a living room with pillows and blankets!

I love pulling in big chunky pillows and knit throws. Even better when they have a little fall color to them!

This year I have gravitated towards ceramics and mauve, which is a new color palette for my home, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Just take a peek below! What do you think?

The easiest way for me to add new colors and textures into my home is by selecting a color palette, and then sticking to it!

I like to develop a cohesive palette to base my selections off of, then slowly add things in piece by piece.

By sticking to a consistent palette, I am able to add a variety of patterns and textures with the confidence that it’ll all tie together seamlessly.

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  1. Life the combination of textures, especially for fall. I am crazy about the ceramic and mauve palette: calm and sophisticated. I am not a fan of the wire baskets on the wall…too farmhouse for this room. I am in favor of using similar colored metalwork. It’s a beautiful room!