With my 30th birthday approaching, I have become a bit more serious about skincare. While the damage of my teens and early 20s is irreversible, I am attempting to prevent further damage and showing my skin more love with intentional, clean products.

I have dry skin and that combined with our dry climate is a struggle to keep my skin hydrated. Lately I have focused on keeping my face as dewy and hydrated as possible, which has helped reduce the need for makeup.

I find that a little flawless filter is all I really need these days, on top of the products mentioned below. I hope you enjoy learning about the following products. Each item is clean and most are botanically based.

Body Oil

I’ve recently become quite a fan of body oils of all type. I don’t go a day without slathering up in moisturizer, but the added moisture and dewiness of oils really take things up a notch.

Of course a fan of Oak Essentials dew body oil, but also love Flamingo Estate’s as well. I received some as a gift and have loved every single drop.

Tip: I love to apply some body oil before a yoga or pilates class for a little extra boost.


A great serum can do wonders for your skin. I learned all about vitamin e, c, and Ferulic acid a few years ago and turned to Marie Veronique for the golden trio serum. Still a fan years later.

I am also a big fan of Linne Botanicals Eye Emulsion to wake my under-eyes up each morning. That combined with their Renew Serum is really a great combination.

Face Oil

Once again Oak Essentials has been my current go-to for oils and moisturizing. I apply their ritual oil and moisture rich balm each morning. If you’re stuck between one or the other, I’d go with the balm, it’s really that great. CHLOE15 will take 15% off your order!

Another great option is Marie Veronique’s treatment oil. It’s a great option for helping congested skin. It is gentle and effective, and of all the products I’ve mentioned is in the top five.

Face Mist

If you have yet to try a great facial mist, please gift some to yourself as a little treat for your skin. Facial mists are in instant pick-me-up to your skin and the perfect finishing touch to any skincare routine morning and night. Better yet, the essential oils are therapeutic and calming. Win, win.

I love Oak Essentials, Flamingo Estate, and ODE – not in any particular order.

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