The Best Linens for a Neutral Fall Table

September 6, 2016

My very best neighbor-friend who lives about 10 minutes from me, but also happens to be my nearest next door neighbor, is a girl relocated too. She worked in fashion for years, and has a killer sense of style. The other day over lunch, she told me to check out Zara Home’s newest releases. We spent the next few hours pouring over our computer screens searching for the best fall table linens.

While I have to say I am in love with everything Zara’s got goin’ on in the linen department right now, I am stocking up for fall and winter get-togethers. I want pieces that are transitional and will work for fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter. I’m not feeling very drawn to the normal ‘neutrals’ – ie: sand and taupe – instead, I’m really loving navys, grays, greens, and even black. 

1 / Garment Dyed Textured Linen Collection from Restoration Hardware: This collection is probably one of my favorites from RH. The simple hem style lets the linen speak for itself, heavier in weight and textured – you can mix and match any of the 7 colors to create a beautifully layered table. I also like that as a member you get 25% off every purchase.

2 / Linen & Cotton Striped Napkins from Zara: We all love Zara’s ability to create of-the-moment fashion for low prices right? If you haven’t shopped their home line before, then you’re so missing out. Right now, their linens are out of this world good. I want to purchase every single set of napkins they have – especially the tassel napkins that are reminiscent of an Hermes scarf. These striped napkins are only $29 a set and will go with any fall table you create this year!  

3 / Pick Stitch Dinner Napkins from One King’s Lane: A set of these napkins is $8. I’ve spent more at Taco Bell. I picked up 2 sets of these not because of their low price tag, but because I couldn’t help but love the informal stitching. Plus, they’re made of cotton, which means easy upkeep! 

4 / Irish Linen Napkins & Table Cloth from 31 Chapel Lane: I feel as if I have fallen deeply in love with the moss green color of these napkins. I am also deeply in love with 31 Chapel Lane as a whole. I wish I could visit their studio, because I am sure it is a work of art – I guess buying a set of moss green napkins will have to do. Or better yet, a moss green table cloth – perfect for fall and winter tables.  | images provided by 31 Chapel Lane 

5 / Linen Checked Table Cloth from Terrain: I am normally not one for patterns, but the simple checked design of this tablecloth (and this pinstripe napkin set) is giving me a lot of inspiration for informal fall tables. 

6 / Black Linen Napkins from Food52: Food 52 is one of my very favorite shops because they source some of the best handmade products from small artisans. It’s like a curated Etsy. I love these simple black napkins for fall. Black is an unexpected color for your table, but isn’t that the best kind of purchase? I think I will have to make myself a set very soon! 

7 / Rustic Linen Napkins from Anthropologie: I have loved these napkins for so long – the way that they are stitched leaves for a beautifully unfinished edge, yet the hem is done in a way that makes you want to hem everything that way. I am lazy, and probably won’t hem everything that way, but a girl can dream! 

If you’re looking for a DIY alternative, learn how to shop for linen by the yard!

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